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Change Log

07/01/2016 Added audio. Hopefully this weekend we will upload 7,840 audio stories with background music.

We apologize the site went through massive restructuring recently as we locked down all content so it may only be accessed through our web pages.

06/13/2016 Rewrote lots of the web site. Now submenus are on the left of an area. Votes are now ajax calls. Fixed tons of bugs on posting blogs, forums, stories and comments. I think it is stable now. If it is not post what you see wrong on the forum or blog for issues. We will keep building a better mouse trap until it works. :)

06/08/2016 Fixed head tags so Google will index sites corretly. Removed verification step from signing up. Now sign up is a one page process.

06/08/2016 is now a secular version of this site. All active subscribers from as at 06/07/2016 were loaded into so you may login to both sites until your subscription runs out there.

Our plans are to make a more conservative. Possibly it will be a rated G site in the future.

As we make changes there will be errors that occur. If you see an error you would like fixed please call it to our attention. Send us an email explaining the error to mail at

05/23/2016 Changed subscriber profile to add an email address so that when someone makes a comment on a writing, the author will be sent an email.

05/24/2016 Added ability for authors to delete writings, delete comments and edit writings and comments.

05/25/2016 Fixed a problem where emails were failing.

05/26/2016 Changed the way voting works - to a thumbs up upvote approach.

05/27/2016 Fixed "show" page. Links were not always complete and so "next" and "previous" and links to pages were messed up.

05/28/2016 Added blogs. Moved some menu items around. Fixed Recaptcha issue.

05/30/2016 Added discussion forums.