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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Stories Submitted Anonymously?

Stories can be submitted anonymously. Each story needs an author name. The system gets the author name from your "My Profile" page in the "Romance Writings" page. Enter the name you want to appear on stories and other writings in your "My Profile" page in the "Romance Writings" page.

If you want to use multiple author names, then you will need to create multiple subscription accounts.

What Are The Writing Guidelines?

We ask that writings be at least 100 characters in length. The optimal length would be one to three pages.

We do not screen writings submitted by subscribers. The guidelines still apply to subscribers, however we assume they will work within the guidelines. If someone complains about a writing then we will look into it.

Stories submitted by visitors are screened to assure they meet our writing guidelines. Each story has what we call "attributes". Each "attribute" describes content in the story.

For example the "true story" attribute indicates the story is a true story. When the author submits a story it will helps us if they will set the attributes for their story.

We ask that stories fall within Biblical moral sexual guidelines.

 To help define moral sexual activity, we look to Christian marriage authors such as Tim LaHaye, Dr. Ed Wheat, Dr Clifford and Joyce Penner, Linda Dillow, Lorraine Pintus, Tommy Nelson, and others.

Based on the Bible and Christian authors on marriage we feel moral "sexual activity" falls within the following guidelines. 

We know everyone will not agree with all the rules but we hope our love for each other through Christ will  help us overlook our differences.  With that introduction, here are the guidelines for writing stories with sexual content.

  • No homosexual activity in stories.  No sexual turn ons between the same sex.

  • No bestiality or incest in stories. 

  • No taking God's name in vain.  

  • No illegal activity.

  • No activity that hurts or demeans your spouse.

  • Since this is a Christian site, the story if it mentions God should only give praise and honor to the Christian God - God the Father, the Holy Spirit or Jesus. We would like to ask authors to not mention or promote other religions - for example referring to holidays of other religions. Thanks.

  • We believe a husband and wife should save their sexual energy for when they are together.  So stories should not be about solo sexual activity such as masturbation unless their spouse condones it. 

  • Here are the spanking rules.  The Bible does not teach that the husband and wife should punish each other.  The marriage relationship is one of love not of parent/child. So, husbands and wives may not spank each other for disciplinary reasons.  In a story the husband or wife may ask their spouse to spank them because they say it turns them on to be spanked.  In that case the spouse may spank them.   Parents may spank their own children.  It should not turn the parent on to spank their child.  If this is happening this is child abuse.  Parents should not spank anyone else's child.  The proper way to discipline someone else's child is to tell their parents what they did wrong. 

  • There is another idea about sex that we need to understand. Why is it wrong when men expose themselves in public? Why it is wrong to be a Peeping Tom? The reason is, it is wrong to derive sexual pleasure from anyone without his or her permission. This is an extension of loving your neighbor. If you love your neighbor you will not derive sexual pleasure from them, without their permission.

    The flip-side of this is that in our society it is accepted that it is ok to derive sexual excitement from other people, as long as they have given their implicit or explicit permission.  Erotic videos are an example of this.  The actors in erotic videos know people will watch the video and get turned on. This is an example of the actors implicitly giving people permission to derive sexual pleasure from watching them. Another example of implicit permission might be if you were hiking with your spouse and you both came upon a couple making love a few yards from the trail. One could assume they picked a location where others could see them because they like people to notice them.   

    Another example of where someone gives others permission to get aroused from their own sexuality is this site. Here married couples who submit stories of their sex life to this site should understand that other married couples may  read the stories and become sexually excited when reading them – and this actually will be helping the married couples, because God wants married couples to enjoy sex.

    The writer of Song Of Solomon or at least God was aware that Song Of Solomon would over the ages be used to increase passion in marriages and be used as a pattern for other stories - like those on this site.

    Another observation which factors into this idea of deriving sexual pleasure from someone who is not your spouse is this.  Some married persons, especially men, sometimes get turned on when their spouse becomes sexually aroused by someone else.

    The erotic stories on this site are an example of this.  For example as a rule, men do not get as aroused when reading the stories as women do.  But men do get turned on when their wife reads a story that turns her on. 

    Approval and agreement and permission within the marriage is the key to whether sexual activity is right or wrong.  The apostle Paul teaches that our bodies are not only our own, but they also belong to our spouse.  And so when we do anything sexual, it is best if we are with our spouse, but if we are not with our spouse any solo sexual activity needs to be with our spouse's permission and for the benefit of our marriage. 

  • Oral sex is permitted  in stories as we believe God allows a married couple to caress each other and stimulate each other with different ways, as a way to add spice and variety to the marriage.  However we do not recommend oral sex.  We recommend both partners  be checked for the HPV virus before they try and oral sex. Ask your doctor about the risks before you try anything.

    Medical Alert/Disclaimer: We warn couples that there is more and more evidence from medical studies that directly links both male and female oral sex to neck and face cancers.  More specifically, many medical studies have recently proven a link between oral sex and an increased incidence of squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsils and throat which metastasizes to the neck lymph nodes.  So we encourage married couples to prayerfully consider what is "profitable" for the long term of their marriage before they engage in regular oral sex.  We suggest erotic materials are far safer than oral sex as a way to help a couple get turned on.  Please do not think that since couples in these stories have oral sex, that oral sex is safe.  Instead go to a doctor and discuss oral sex with your doctor.  Maybe the doctor can have your wife checked for the HPV virus that is linked to the head and neck cancer.  But please don't do oral sex based on the seeing that others do it in the stories on this site. 

    Medical Alert/Disclaimer:  If you and your spouse do occasionally kiss each other in the genital area, please realize that you should not kiss the genital area if you have a "fever blister" ,  "cold sore" or "night fever blister".  Because these mouth sores which are Herpes Simplex Virus 1 are very contagious and if one of them comes in contact with the genital area of the spouse while it is blistering and even up to 10 days after the blister has healed, the blister can cause a Herpes Simplex Virus 2 infection in the genital area of the spouse  Click here for more information in this medical alert.

  • We feel anal sex is not healthy and so we ask you not to include it in stories.    The following passage from "The Act of Marriage After 40" explains our position.

    "While we're on the subject, there is one sexual act that we do not favor; anal intercourse.  We don't believe God made our bodies for that practice, and the anus doesn't serve a sexual purpose for the body.  That act (known as sodomy) is highly dangerous for both partners.  Once inside the anus, the penis can become contaminated with disease-producing organisms, thus causing danger to the man's reproductive and urinary structures.  "

    "Anal intercourse should be avoided for physical reasons," writes Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner.

    It's just not wise!  If the man enters the woman's anus and then her vagina, he then contaminates her reproductive tracts and sometimes her urinary tract since it is so close to her vagina. 

    When the man's penis enters the woman's anus, the stretching often causes the blood vessels in her rectum to burst, which makes both her and her husband vulnerable to infection.

    Obviously God did not design the anus for sexual intercourse."

    End of quote

  • Please only post stories you are the author of or own the rights to. If it is a true story, please check the true story attributes in the "Attributes" section. Please also enter a summary in the summary section and fill in all the attributes that apply to this story.

    Please make the story at least 100 characters long.

  • This site allows married couples to self publish stories and articles. The site is not a publisher but rather a Christian ministry providing a wholesome Christian environment where married couples may share their sex lives with others.

  • Please no nude pictures and no nudity in videos may be uploaded to this site. The current laws make it almost impossible and legally dangerous for us to allow nude pictures.

    However, it is ok to post a story with embedded links to nudity or videos with nudity. So stories may contain nudity and videos with nudity and please mark the nudity attribute if your story contains nudity.

    I believe, that in our Western society, God has given married couples erotic materials as a tool they can use to help their marriage love life. However our current laws make it prohibitive for us to allow you to share nude pictures of yourselves in your stories.

    Maybe someday the laws will change and so it will be lawful for married couples to share pictures on a site like this without, the fear of the site owner going to prision and the site having to keep extensive records of proof of the couples age, (with multiple copies of drivers licenses and other picture ids), to prove that the married couple, no matter how old they look (they could look over 80) in the pictures are truly at least 18 years of age.

  • Sexual aids are ok as long as they could not possibly harm the body or symbolize harm or belittlement to your spouse.

  • In the past we have had several stories submitted where the husband or wife tied each other up with a ribbon or silk.  In the past we have cut those parts out of the stories. 

    But in the spirit of not being legalistic, we are now going to allow stories where the husband or wife tie their spouse with something that is not strong such as ribbon or silk, as long as it is clear the spouse wanted to be tied up, and it is clear the spouse would free the tied spouse as soon as requested, or it is clear the tied up spouse could free himself or herself if they wanted to. 

  • What about fantasies?  Some couples will make up and tell each other a fantasy story while making love in order to help each other get turned on. We allow them as long as the content follows our other story guidelines.

  • What about consenual sexual activity outside of marriage?  The Bible is very permissive in the area of sex within marriage when a husband and wife are in agreement about the sexual activity. 

    • Can we all agree on this definition of marraige? Marriage is defined as the union of one man with one woman.  Any sex outside of this union is defined as "sex outside of marriage".

    • As you may know God condoned King David having hundreds of wives and concubines. A concubine was a live-in mistress. She did not have rights like a wife. By the definition above, then each wife David had after his first wife, was considered "sex outside of marriage". 

    • As you may know Sarah gave her husband Abraham permission to have sex with her maid Hagar.  And Abraham gave his wife Sarah permission to have sex with the Kings and anyone else they encountered and who found her beautiful as they traveled.   Abraham's would tell everyone Sarah was his sister so they would romance her. He became very rich doing this. Twice it is recorded that God stopped Kings from actually marrying her but she did live with at least one of them for an extended period of time, during which Abraham became rich from the Kings gifts to him.

      Abraham later had multiple wives and/or concubines.

    • God allowed "heterosexual sex outside of marriage" in the Bible as long as it was not stealing someone else's wife or stealing a woman who was engaged to someone else, or having sex with a virgin girl.

    • So even though we believe sex in marriage is by far God's best, we do allow subscribers to write about their real live experiences and fantasies and dreams - as long as any sexual contact outside of marriage takes place while the married couple is together with another couple and both couples agree it will be fun and not hurt their marriage. 

      If one spouse does something with the other couple's spouse then the other spouse needs to do the same thing with the other couple's spouse. The relationship cannot be one sided where one spouse gets all the attention and the other is ignored. That might make the ignored spouse jealous.

      An open marriage or wife swapping is not permitted as this would mean each spouse could go off and have sex somewhere with someone else. The purpose of the sexual activity should be to enhance the marriage not replace the partner. That is why the marriage partner should be together if anything like that happens. Of course it would be far better for the couple to have sex with their own spouse, but if passion gets the best of a two couples one can see how they might end up with the other's partner. Our guidelines require that the married couple is together with another couple when any sexual interaction takes place. This way there are no secrets.

  • So can a husband or wife make up a fantasy story about her having sexual interaction with another man?  Yes, if in the fantasy the man is married and has permission from his wife.

  • Is it wrong to fantasize about homosexual relations?  Yes it is wrong to fantasize about anything that is immoral.  The only reason it is not wrong to fantasize about sex outside of marriage, is when in the fantasy your spouse gives you permission to have the sex and the other person is married, and their spouse also gives permission for the sexual interaction.  But God is the one who says homosexual conduct is sinful so there is no way to get permission to do that.

  • No stories about cheating on your spouse unless it is a true story and your spouse has forgiven you and does not mind you writing about it.

  • Sex before marriage is not allowed in stories. Paul condemns it as "sexual immorality" and so we should not condone it or glamourize it.

  • Writings may mention nationality and race, however  try not to compare races or nationalities or paint attributes of one race or nationality as superior.  

  • Writings may describe physical attributes of yourself and your spouse and describe sensations and experiences together.

We encourage stories that develop the romance and excitement and emotional love that the couple have for each other, and only mildly describe the passionate sexual side.

There may be some writings that contain conduct you and I would not do.  While the conduct in the story may not specifically prohibited in the Bible, it may seem that the couple is putting too much emphasis on sex or doing something immoral by our own personal convictions.  But we allow these writings because we recognize that God has given a married couple freedom in this area and different couples are at different levels of maturity.  And so a couple may write a story this year, and 10 years later would look back and say; "Wow we did that back then!". 

So if you find writings that seem out of balance, we encourage you to help balance the web site by submitting a story of your own experiences with sexual tones you feel are more appropriate for the web site.  And we encourage Christians to share their testimony of how God has worked in their marriage. 

Submissions should be between one to three pages in length.  Stories should be at least 100 characters long.  Our new story submission page has a spell checker.  We encourage you to check the spelling.  You can also upload images and insert them into your story.

If the submission does not meet our standards, we may delete it.   Otherwise it will appear in the list of stories in the story category you selected.