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What Is A Blog?

Google says, a blogs is, "a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style".

Years ago a subscriber suggested we have blogs. At the time we did not know what a blog was. We are learning ... :)

Here is how blogs work here at

  • Bloggers may enter their own blogger profile with their picture and an introduction.
  • Bloggers may post their own blogs and edit and update them and delete them.
  • Bloggers are the moderators of their own blogs.
  • The public and subscribers may post comments on blogs.
  • The public and subscribers may vote for a blog.
  • Bloggers may delete comments they feel are inappropriate on their own blogs.
  • The most popular bloggers and blogs will be highlighted by the site.
  • We are a service provider so even if we do not personally agree with content in a blog or comment we will not bully anyone.
  • While we do reserve the right to allow Editors and Site Administrators to edit or remove spam, we are comitted to the free exchange of ideas so our policy is for bloggers to moderate the comments on their blogs if they want to.

Reasons Why You May Want To Start Your Own Blog

  • Are you a romance writer or romance poet? Share your journey with us! Post your progress, your hurdles, your successes.
  • Are you a relationship coach, counselor or Pastor? Share your advice with us!
  • Are you in love? Share your life with us! Check with your significant other first though. :)
  • Do you want to be in love? Share your life with us! You may find encouragement here!
  • Are you a talented writer with ambitions to promote your talent? Share your talent with us!
  • Are you passionate about marriage, God, romance, parenting or something else? Share your passion with us!
  • Are you a celebrity or an expert in some Marriage, Romance, Christian or Health area? Share your talent with us!
  • This site is the number one site for search keywords Marriage Romance. Millions of visitors will see your work.
  • To start your blog, signup and pay $1 a month to become an active subscriber. Then you may post your blogs.