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Intoxicating as an adjective: 

Producing or stimulating physical, mental, or emotional vigor:

We were discussing the topic of sex analogous to that of the effects that occur when one ingests a chemical such as alcohol, marijuana, certain pain medications, you can fill in the blank here. 

Through the course of our conversation we found that the peak arousal state during sexual intercourse to be 100% analogous to that intoxication from chemical ingestion. 

Some elements of sex in this analogy were fascinating.  We considered that the peak arousal state achieved by a couple during sex, analogous to a drug, can be achieved, though not as intensely so, by simply watching another couple having sex on video.  This notion was astounding to us in that we considered that nothing has been physically ingested, no absorbing of chemicals through any means, external or internal, yet the emotional, mental, and physical state of being that is achieved is as if someone popped a 10-30 minute euphoria pill.  

Taking this overall notion to a couple engaged in sexual, and sexual intercourse, the curve of intoxication, and it's effects, are identical that of what one experiences when drinking alcohol. 

The fascinating aspect from the above two observations is that the two individuals involved in copulation are completely sober.  Completely sober, yes completely intoxicated at the very same time.  Think about the known curve of intoxication, alcohol as the most ready example: there is the notion of "sobering up".  The human body goes through a process of oxidizing one ounce of alcohol an hour.  You drink of glass of wine, it takes one hour before the alcohol has "left" the system and the individual is again "sober".  In sex, there is no latency period and once the physical experience of "climax" is over and complete, the individual is "done" and completely sober.

We considered the analogy of the curve of intoxication that is experienced during sex.  There is a complete progression of "vigor" and excitement that continues only upward until "climax".  As the progression of vigor and excitement continue to build there are numerous things happening mentally and emotionally that are difficult to "control".  Not a loss of control, but the vigor required to achieve climax for both, in synchronicity, brings us to a fevered pitch of thoughts, words and physical motions that can appear, if observed objectively and intently as "out of control".  Not only physically out of control, but mentally and emotionally. 

We are left astounded by what God created, "as sex".  In so many ways, too much to conceive, but in just this small slice, i.e. "intoxication", we see just how powerful and miraculous God's creation (sex) truly is.  

We are certainly looking forward to the responses and dialogue that may result from this blog entry.  We very excited to read other's take and input and the sharing and exchange of thought and ideas that follow.

PS. "Arousal" is the psycho-active ingredient in this "drug" ;-> 

Thank you,

"Married Couple in Love"

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Comment by: New Subscriber   Date: 10/4/2016 6:24:42 PM

Is there any difference between watching a morally erotic video and watching a married couple having sex in real life?

Comment by: New Subscriber   Date: 9/18/2016 10:22:15 AM

What is the relationship between desire and arousal?  

Is desire the catalyst for arousal, or vice versa?