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How To Start A Discussion Forum

What Is A Forum?

Google says, a forum is, "a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.".

Here is how forums work here at

  • Any active subscriber may post or create a forum. The creator may edit and update their forums and delete them.
  • The creator of the forum is the moderator of the forum discussion group.
  • The public and subscribers may post comments on forums.
  • The public and subscribers may vote for a forum.
  • Forum creators may delete comments they feel are inappropriate in the forum.
  • The most popular forums will be highlighted by the site.
  • We are a service provider so even if we do not personally agree with content in a forum or comment we will not bully anyone.
  • While we do reserve the right to allow Editors and Site Administrators to edit or remove spam, we are comitted to the free exchange of ideas so our policy is for forum creators to moderate the comments on their forums if they want to.

Reasons You May Want To Start A Forum

  • Marriage and Romance is a broad area. There is room for discussion of thousands of subject matters. Here are some of them.
  • Discuss The Topic Single Life looking for a mate.
  • Discuss Romance Ideas.
  • Discuss wedding tips.
  • Discuss Christianity in life.
  • Discuss parenting ideas.
  • Share prayer requests.
  • Discuss sexual topics.
  • To start a forum you signup and pay $1 for a month to become an active subscriber. Then you may create forums.