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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Why was the Friendship Directory created?

The Friendship Directory was created to help married couples make friendships with other married couples.

Question: How Does The Friendship Directory Work?

A subscription gives you access to all features of the site. So if you are already a subscriber you can get started now! Here is how it works.

Each couple enters their "Our Profile" information. In their profile they may upload a picture. Please, make sure the profile picture is not a nude picture.

Once you've filled out your profile, you use the "Potential Friends" page to find friends.

Once you see a couple you would like to be friends with, you can send them a "Message".

When you send a message to another couple, they are not automatically added to your "Our Friends" list and you are not automatically added to their "Our Friends" list.

Instead, you have to manually add someone to your Friends list. You will see this option on your "Our Messages" page.

You can delete couples from your Friends list. You can also see who has made you their Friend on the "Friends Of" page. And you can Unfriend a couple from the "Friends Of" list. This removes you from their Friends list. It also recalls any messages you sent to them from their Messages list.

Here is a summary of Wall postings. You may post prayer requests, things about your family, stories, pictures, videos, anything you want on your wall. Only your Friends may see your wall postings. And you may change, edit and delete your wall postings at any time. Wall postings are not screened or censored by the site. They are your personal postings. That is why only your Friends may read them. We recently changed the Friendship directory so that the only way someone can become your Friend is if you make them your friend. You can go to the "Friends Of" page to see who has made you their Friend. If you do not want to be on someone's Friends list you can Unfriend them from the "Friends Of" page. If you look on your Messages page you will see there where you can make someone your friend.

When you send a couple a message, the other couple will see your message in their "Our Messages" list and they may respond to you if they like. They may make you their Friend also. You can see who has made you their Friend on the "Friends Of" page. If they respond to you or make you their Friend you can make them your Friend also on the "Our Messages" page - click the "Make Our Friend", link.

"Messages" can include links to videos and links to pictures and pictures you upload from your computer by clicking on the image icon in the message text editor. When you click the image icon, a pop-up comes up, which lets you upload a picture from your computer. The picture you upload to your message, is also automatically saved in your "Picture Gallery". Also you may include a picture from your "Picture Gallery" in your message, by clicking the "Browse Server" button in the image icon pop-up window.

Couples may read, delete or recall messages sent. They may also read and delete messages in their own own list of messages.

Once you form a relationship with a couple your relationship can move out of the "Friendship Directory" to the real world. You can exchange phone numbers, email addresses and addresses.

Question: Who Can Join The Friendship Directory?

Everyone over the age of 18, regardless of faith or belief in God and regardless of marital status may join. The way you join is by paying for a one year subscription.

What Is The Price?

The subscription price is $1 for a month.

Our subscriptions are not recurring, so each year you will need to pay again if you would like to continue your subscription.

What Comes With The Subscription?

Your subscription will enable you to read the more than 9,500 stories, about half of which contain sexual content, you can author stories, articles and comments, and make new friends using the Friendship directory!

You may read the FAQ page which has many details about the site. The question entitled "I signed up and paid. Where do I go from here?" explains how to use the site.

How Do I Subscribe?

To Pay For Your Subscription takes just a few minutes.  Here are the steps.

  • First register your email address and password, by clicking the menu item "Sign Up Here".
  • We will send you a verification email with a link. You will need to click on the link in the email to verify your email address.
  • Once your email address has been verified, then click the menu item "Pay Here".

Did you run into problems signing up ... if so, please give us a call at 929-256-5273 or email us at