Free Spotify Love Songs

When you are logged-in to Spotify the music will start playing in your Spotify player.

If you are not logged into a Spotify account, you will be prompted to do so. It is free to create a Spotify account. If you do not have a Spotify player you will be sent to the Spotify sign-up page or prompted to download a suitable client, in a new window.

Clicking the play buttons below will play a list of love songs on your Spotify player. You may have to press the play button on your Spotify player.

Once you are playing Spotify music in the background you can switch back over to to browse the Love Stories, Love Poems, Love Letters and more.

We are considering changing the audio stories to not have background music and just the narrator reading the stories. Let us know if you would prefer no background music in the stories. This way you could play Spotify in the background with the stories audio playing in the foreground. We are also planning on having a play list of stories where you can listen to many stories consequtively, so for example you could listen to a list of stories to put you to sleep at night.

Once your Spotify play has started you may skip songs or even change play lists or play albums or search for songs you like. You will have Spotify commercials every 30 minutes or so unless you have a Premium Spotify account.

Play List Of Instrumental Love Songs

Play List Of Love Songs With Words