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Title: Honeymoon in tropical paradise    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My wife and I were committed to save sex for marriage. This was quite a challenge for both of us, but since we were both committed to the same goal we were happy to accomplish that. My wife's parents were missionaries in the Philippines and so we decided to get married there. For my wife, life in the Philippines was normal, but for me it was very exotic. I traveled to the Philippines for the first time just a few weeks before the wedding. The wedding day was exciting and tiring. But after the ceremony was finished, we jumped into my wife's parents' car and headed for a small resort about an hours drive away.

We had talked earlier that we might wait to have sex the day after our wedding, just because we thought we would be so tired. But as soon as we got to the resort room, we started taking our clothes off, the next thing we were both in the shower together, kissing and holding on to each other. We each took the soap and lathered it on the other. After rinsing and drying, we jumped on the bed and started to enjoy ourselves. All the fatigue of the day seemed to disappear. All of the months of waiting for this moment finally had come to an end. I could not have imagined that my wife's body could be so beautiful. Her skin was so white and soft and at the bottom of her abdomen was the dark triangle of her pubic hair.

In order to enjoy the moment to it's fullest we tried to slowly caress each other, but the passion was building so that it was hard to wait. I could feel her wetness with my hand. I began to stimulate her clitoris just like I had read about in some books. I felt a bit clumsy, but she did not seem to mind, but began to make soft groaning noises. I wanted to make sure that she would get pleasure on this first night so I was determined to give her an orgasm by using my hand before we tried intercourse. As I continued to massage her erect clitoris, she started to raise her hips up. I remember seeing the look on her face. If I did not know that it was from pleasure, I would have thought she was in terrible pain. Finally, after about ten minutes of building, she exploded in the release of an orgasm. She rocked back and forth for a minute and then said, Now I must have you in me. I want all of you. I want to be one with you.

I got on top of her in the missionary position, what else did you expect, and placed my erect penis head at the mouth of her vagina. The opening seemed impossibly small and it was not giving in. We both knew about the hymen and were a bit nervous about how much it would hurt her. As I continued to slowly push, I could feel my penis starting to enter her vagina. The hymen did not break, but it was stretching just enough to let me in. It felt like I was poking my penis through a small hole in a plastic bag. Her hymen finally did tear on the third day of our honeymoon, when our sex got a bit more aggressive. On this first night, I did not want her to have any extra pain, so I slowly moved in and out. The sensation of her wet and hot vagina surrounding my penis was unreal. It was too good to be true. The reality of finally being one with the one I loved and the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life together was true. The sensation of her vagina and my excitement did not help me to last for more than a few minutes. The release of my semen in her was the finalizing of our connection. After we held to each other for a time, we fell asleep. The first thing that I thought of in the morning as I woke up with my wife beside me was that we were one, and that there was no guilt at all in what we did. I also felt as if I was closer to God. I remember many times during our honeymoon thinking about God as we made love. To me it was a very spiritual act.

On the second day of our honeymoon, we started with breakfast, the main course being each other. The first night was a bit hurried, so in this morning we were more patient and in a playful mood. We were spending a lot of time examining each other's bodies. My wife was amused with the mechanics of the male erection and I was amazed at the self-lubricating system of the woman's, vulva. It was to me amazing to see how God had created us with the gift of sex. Not only was it made for reproduction, but the pleasure of it was just the perfect way to communicate intimacy. It was on this second day that we discovered the powerful connection the nipples have in foreplay. That morning we sat on the bed facing each other kissing and caressing each other's nipples. Finally after my wife could not stand it, she grabbed my hand and put it in her vulva and said, I want another orgasm. It took about the same time for her to have an orgasm. After her orgasm, I came into her again. Her hymen was still restricting my full movements and was causing her a bit of discomfort, but the pleasure overcame the discomfort and I lasted about 5 minutes this time.

After eating breakfast, we went back to the room and started again. This time as I was kissing her all over her body, I started to kiss her between her legs. As my tongue made contact with her vulva she was at first a bit resistant. I asked her what was wrong, she said she was afraid that she might be unpleasant in smell or taste. I reassured her that nothing could be further from the truth. She let me continue, and found herself enjoying oral sex for the first time.

After this third time for us, we decided to have a swim in the resort pool. We lasted about two hours in the pool and then we decided that we were ready for another round in the room. As it turned out, my wife was starting to get a bit sore, so we had to go a bit easy. We stayed in the resort for two more days, and then we returned to my wife's parents' home for one night, but our honeymoon was only beginning. After we returned the car, we had a plan to travel to the other side of the Island and stay for another week at a beach resort.

When we returned to my wife's parents house, it was an odd feeling for me to know that now my wife's parents knew that the two of us had had sex. The odd part of it was actually, that it was so normal. That night, we slept at my wife's parents' house. It was fun for me to think that for the first time, we would be sleeping together at my wife's parent's house as man and wife. We did not have sex that night because my wife was still a bit sore from the first couple of days.

In the morning we woke up early and were enjoying holding each other. I was holding my wife around her back. We started to get pretty excited. I pulled up her nightgown and reached my hand around her leg and put it between her legs and felt how wet she was already. Instead of having her turn around, I entered her from the backside. This was another first for us. I enjoyed the pressure of her butt against me as I thrust into her. I took my hand and started to play with her nipples. With this position, her legs were together. It felt different from the missionary position. In the missionary position her vagina did not feel as tight, but now coming in from the back as we both lay on our sides, the tightness of her vagina was especially exiting. As I started to thrust harder as I was beginning to reach my own orgasm, my wife suddenly shook with her own orgasm. It was another first. It was such an enjoyable experience that it still remains as one of my favorite fantasies of our love life. The rest of our honeymoon was just that same as it began. We did little else but enjoy each other's bodies and dreams for the future. We were already best friends, but now we were lovers.

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A reader says ... Beautiful memories, thanks for sharing! This is a GREAT example of a honeymoon done RIGHT. Good model for our single/engaged friends!