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Title: Her Apology    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


It was a beautiful Saturday morning. As she approached the bedroom where her husband was still asleep, she took several deep breaths. The kids were at a neighbor's house, so she and her husband could be alone. She had a confession to make, and she knew that it could wreck her home.

Amy had committed adultery. It was three years ago, and she knew that it had been a mistake. Tommy was a wonderful husband, but she had become dissatisfied with him. The young man at the health club had been so helpful with the exercise equipment, that their friendship grew naturally. It felt so comfortable to just have lunch with him occasionally. But by the time she realized the depth of her feelings for him, she did not care about the path she was on. When their relationship became physical, the guilt almost killed her.

After a few weeks, she stopped going to the health club. Thankfully, the young man stopped trying to contact her after she told him to leave her alone. But the withdrawal symptoms were as intense as those from alcohol or heroin. Thankfully, Tommy knew she had problems and suggested that she see a Christian counselor for depression. After two sessions, she told the counselor of her affair. The counselor wisely suggested that she put all of her efforts into being the best wife that any man could wish for. Over the course of three years, her feelings for Tommy returned stronger than they ever had been. But the counselor also told her to take the secret to the grave. She tried. But the guilt of what she had done was a constant source of pain. Although she loved her husband, she could not accept her love.

Then, two Sundays ago, her minister had preached a sermon that struck her heart. He quoted a passage from the book of James, "Confess your sins, one to another." This caught her attention. Then another passage, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." She heard this as saying that her deception had kept Tommy in prison. He had a right to know everything about the woman he had married. Whatever the consequences, she had to tell.

As she entered the bedroom, Tommy was just waking up. "Hello, beautiful," he said. She said "Tommy, sit up, I have to tell you something." He smiled. As she knelt beside him on the bed, she told him. Not the details, but enough. She raised her head and saw not rage, but tears. Tommy merely said, "I have to think." He then stood up, got dressed, went to the garage, and drove away.

Amy had been alone for two hours. Finally, she heard the garage door open. When Tommy entered, her back was to the kitchen door. She closed her eyes. She sensed his approach, then heard his voice, "Open your eyes." As she did, she saw the husband she had betrayed kneeling before her with a dozen roses. He said, "This was the most painful thing you could have done, but I love you. In the last three years you have proved yourself to be the best wife I could hope for. This will be hard to recover from, but you are the best thing I have ever had. I forgive you today, and I will forgive you every day for the rest of our lives. Let's move on."

As she held her husband in her arms, Amy remembered another picture of forgiveness. An upper room, twelve apostles arguing about who was the greatest, and one servant. A person who knew he was about to be betrayed washing the feet of even the one who was about to betray him. Amy knew the true meaning of grace.

Comment by: PurePassion   Date: 8/13/2014 9:00:24 PM

what a story of redemptive grace- thank you for sharing this. I pray your marriage has strengthened over the years. Please keep us updated

Comment by: K&G   Date: 3/13/2013 2:16:33 PM

Excellent Story!

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:48:25 PM

A reader says ... great stuff A reader says ... Thanks! A reader says ... I love it.... A reader says ... I am so amazed at God's grace and His willingness to forgive us. My Husband has filed for a divorce and I blamed him for everything but when I see stories like this I realize I must walk in the way your husband has chosen. It is in that willingness to serve and love unconditionally that miracles happen. God bless you both A reader says ... No greater love