Reunion Stories

Title: Home For Good    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


As Ken boarded the airplane, his thoughts turned towards his wife Linda who was waiting for him in Seattle. It had been 14 months since he said goodbye to her to take the contract job in Afghanistan. They had both agreed that this opportunity would enable them to save the money they needed to buy their first home. Ken and Linda had been married for four years, but with the high price of housing, hadn't been able to buy their own home

As the plane landed in Seattle, Ken looked out the window with a sense of anticipation. Although they had talked on the phone regularly and exchanged e-mails almost daily, he had really missed Linda and all the special things they did together. The special intimate time they would usually spend together on Saturday morning, followed by a relaxed breakfast at one of the nearby restaurants. As he thought about seeing Linda, his pulse quickened. Had she changed? Had he changed?

As he got off the plane, he made his way towards the baggage area. He knew that picking up his luggage was the last thing he had to do before heading out to the curbside where Linda would be waiting. Although Ken probably didn't wait more than 10 minutes for his luggage, it felt like an eternity. He could feel his sense of excitement building.

As he headed out the door, he looked for the 1999 Jeep that Linda would be driving. His thoughts were interrupted by a couple loud honks. Linda was parked less than 50 yards from the exit door and was waving energetically. Ken grabbed his oversized suitcases and quickly moved toward Linda. He remembered that she was beautiful, but was taken up with her beauty, in the same was he was when he met her almost 5 years earlier. Ken quickly set down his luggage, and gave Linda and big hug and kiss.

As they headed towards their house, Ken's mind drifted as they talked together. He had anticipated his first night home for several months. Although Ken knew that the separation would be difficult, he hadn't fully anticipated how much he would miss Linda during their planned separation. Linda seemed to glow with an excitement that only increased Ken's sense of desire. Although the drive from the airport was only about 30 minutes, it seemed painfully longer tonight. After so many months away, he was anxious for a chance to be alone with Linda and enjoy that special intimacy that had characterized their relationship.

Ken quickly showered then went to the kitchen to make some hot drinks for them to enjoy together. While Linda took a bath, Ken made some coffee, and poured it into a couple of his favorite mugs and headed towards the bedroom. As he approached the bedroom, Linda came out of the bath area, wrapped in a thin silk robe that did little to hide her shapely body. All of a sudden, the coffee began to seem like a distraction. Without hesitation, Linda slipped the robe off of her shoulders and let it fall to the bedroom floor. Ken was mesmerized by Linda's beautiful body. Setting down the coffee, Ken reached out to take Linda in his arms. The fragrance of the bath oils, combined with her natural scent, flooded Ken with memories. Memories of many intimate nights and mornings. They kissed and held each other as if to avoid every being separated again..

Early the next morning, they lay together in the bed, holding each other closely. Ken was home for good.