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Title: Protect your children on the Net    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My husband and I use a great internet filtering program, geared especially to parents who want to protect the most important people in their lives-their children. No parent wants to knowingly subject their children to this porn infested bubble we call the World Wide Web. Yet, few know what to do to keep this putrid trash out of their homes.

We trust our family to the staff at My Family Explorer

We learned about this excellent ISP through a family video service(Feature Films for

Families--I'll give more details on them in another Parenting Tip entry).

My Family Explorer gives you access to your regular websites, not restricting access to your email as some sites we've tried, have done. It only filters out the bad stuff. The good thing is the parent(or whoever you give Admin access)has the option to override sites they feel are appropriate that My Family has blocked.

They offer a special price(friends referral discount) at $9.95/month if you mention this when you call~ 1-800 FAMILY C

This is a great deal, especially when you consider some ISP's alone are $20-30.00, not counting the filtering system which usually runs around $20/month or $100.00/year (trust me, we've tried out several programs and when my parents referred us to My Family, we haven't been sorry we switched). My Family Explorer is both an ISP and a filtering system- for the price of less than one!

They offer impeccable TOLL FREE Customer Service Help, 24/7! You will rarely wait over 10 minutes for help- usually someone is on the line with me within 3-5 minutes and always friendly and ready to lend a hand. There's even Remote Help which allows you to link directly with My Family and they correct what's wrong on your computer and step you through any problems you may have--awesome feature and it's FREE!

Ok, have I praised them enough? :) If this sounds like something you're looking for, call right away! 1-800 FAMILY C

You will feel such a relief, knowing you're doing your job as the parent('s) to protect your family.

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:48:58 PM

A reader says ... (from the author)- My Family now offers a free spyware removal when you subscribe to them. They download it to your computer through remote assistance. It's wonderful, top of the line and FREE! It removed 13 spywares I didn't know I had. My comp is virus free, doesn't freeze anymore and is much faster! Just a tip!