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Title: Focus on the Family� to Run Ads During Supernanny TV Program May 2    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


On May 2, 2005, Focus on the Family will be running a commercial during ABC's Supernanny show to tell others about our Focus on Your Child program.

Focus on Your Child is a complimentary membership program that includes:

Age-appropriate tips, ideas, and helpful tools delivered on a regular basis
CDs with expert advice that you can listen to anywhere and anytime (because we know your schedules are busy!)
Access to special Web site features
Immediately, new members will be able to:

Access parenting tips and expert advice booklets
Take an interactive assessment providing customized results to help you understand your individual parenting style and your child's unique personality
These tools will help you enhance your parenting for your children or grandchildren from birth to age 18. Sign up online today!

Thank you for partnering with us to reach out to families with parenting advice. We ask that you pray for a great response to our commercial running during Supernanny (May 2 on ABC), and for our ministry as we respond with the love and compassion of Christ to every inquiry we receive.

While we do not endorse the premise or content of Supernanny, we do recognize it illustrates the age-old problems of parenting in a current reality show context. We also believe that advertising on this show is a great way to reach millions unfamiliar with all that Focus has to offer such as the Focus on Your Child program.