Reunion Stories

Title: Barb    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My husband and I met when we were in high school algebra. We soon began to connect as we talked, and even our teacher decided not to separate us though we talked a lot because he could see something special was happening.

We waited until graduating from college to marry, and when we had trouble finding jobs, we joined the Army together. I didn't want to be apart from him. We had a child overseas, and trouble came. She was born early with bleeding on the brain. Well, the shock of it all, and many other stresses took their toll on us. When our daughter was three years old, my husband left and I felt so alone. But God told me to stay where I was working with the Army as a civilian, and learn to trust Him, instead of going home to my family.

As I grew in my faith, I had many great, and some hard experiences. But, God was there all of the time. Eventually, my husband and I started talking again. I had never been bitter toward him, and he was welcome to see my daughter any time. I never talked badly about him to her. I still loved him the whole time. Well, he came down where we were in South Carolina. Our daughter was having surgery and he came to help me because she was going to be in a body cast. We got closer.

Then, about a year later, God seemed to be telling me that going back home to Indiana, where we were from, was now the right thing to do. My husband was living there as well, and he invited my daughter and I to stay with him because of her wheelchair. His house was the only accessible house. I was going to look for an apartment while I stayed there.

It turns out we were able to find the love we had lost, although we stayed purely platonic until we decided to remarry.

Amber, our daughter, was at our wedding this time and even though it wasn't large like the first one, it was very special. Our daughter was so happy we were getting back together, and I still can't believe how God answered our prayers and healed our family. We love each other more than ever now, and we have learned how to weather the tough storms that come our way.

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for the miracle of our restored romance. Thank You God.