Wedding Night Stories

Title: My fairytale wedding    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I was a rebellious teen and even into my twenties, saved at the age of 6, I began to make poor decisions, as I got older. When I was 24 I was pregnant and alone. The father wanted nothing to do with my son. I had a lot of support from my church and family. I got back into church and turned my life around.

God had given me a chance to change things and I took it. When my son Garrett was 6 months old I began dating a wonderful man. We began planning our wedding a year later. He loved my son as if he were his own and wanted to adopt him. After we said our vows, Garrett, only 22 months at the time, waddled down the aisle, Cheyenne (my husband) picked him up and made his commitment public to Garrett by saying vows to him and placing an I.D. bracelet on his wrist.

Everyone was sobbing, especially me. It was a true picture of Gods grace and mercy and how He wants to bless us if we surrender to Him. 4 years later we now have two other children. Everyone who attending our wedding always talks about how special it was.

Dawn Christian