Wedding Night Stories

Title: Finally    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


It was finally time, after 3 long years of being so far away we were about to become one and never leave each others side again. The old fears, children, money, time, relatives, they were all melting away as I took my first look at my *wife*. She was beautiful, clad in her dress, made just the way she wanted it. I was just happy that I got to wear something comfortable and inexpensive, and also that I had a sword and a pistol strapped on to my waist. The reveling with the family and friends, both those loved and those required to come. The party streamers were off the floor now and the dance hall was dark and quiet. Now, it was only us, alone in a hotel suite filled with candles, a hot bath, rose petals, and our passion for each other.

Our lives so far have been lonely and troubled ones. I am in the army, I went to Iraq and saw and did many things. She fought a war on her own frontier, but not the one you would expect. We both have much emotional baggage but Christ has helped us to overcome this problem and be together.

We have a loving and committed relationship and we love to be around each other, we have a strong faith and trust in God, and we have a promise of having a good family, and I couldn't ask for more.