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Title: A Note of Love    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I have always been the quiet type. I didn't say a word until I was four years old and my parents started to worry. The speech therapist told them my IQ was great, and my vocals fine, so maybe it was confidence. It was going to cost them a lot of money for a child psychologist and I could see their stress, so I decided to talk. Not much, but enough to let everyone know I was ok.

Elementary school was easy enough; I just concentrated on the books and kept to myself. Middle school brought a great friend name Toni; she talked enough for the two of us, so I just laughed at her jokes and smiled a lot. Toni always knew what to say and when to say it. I knew what I wanted and I could even put it in words but getting it out of my mouth was a whole different ballgame.

High School proved to be a challenge. The classes were easy enough but sometime during the summer after my freshmen year Toni had talked me into getting some highlights in my dark blonde hair. That and a lot of sun from the pool kept getting me a lot of embarrassing attention. I should have been flattered by the guys staring at my makeover but with no words to speak I could only shy away. I smiled a lot, hoping not to offend anyone with my silence, but it wasn't long before I got the label of being stuck-up.

Of course, as usual, I was left speechless with the accusations and tried to be polite and keep to myself.

However, by my graduation, the attention got worse. My body began to grow things I couldn't control. My legs were long and toned and my breast filled every bit of my C-cup. My tan was much more natural from the hundreds of hours training for swim meets. The exercise left me looking every bit as fit as any supermodel. I wanted to be beautiful as any girl would, but I never dreamt I would be voted as the prettiest girl in my class. I got just as much attention out of school as in. Worst of all, I hadn't found my voice to go with the body.

When anyone ask me on a date in college I would just smile and politely say no thank you, because I knew they wanted to talk. So how did I meet Brad? Well, he sat directly in front of me in Computer Science, a three hour night class that I loathed because of pure boredom. So when he passed me the first note I welcomed it with a smile.

Hi Trish, are you as bored as me?

Easily and quickly I scribbled a response.

Bored is an understatement. Hey don't you
Play football? I think I saw you before when I
Was headed for swim practice?

Three hours every Thursday, we shared these notes back and forth for about three months. I learned that Brad was your everyday jock, which didn't turn me off in the least. He had long legs and arms that were strong and hard. And I didn't mind staring at him at all for three hours since he couldn't turn around to find out. I don't know how many times I counted the heat freckles on the back of his neck and dreamed of kissing him.
During those months, several of those notes invited me on dates. I think the first was to study hall for a test and I eagerly agreed. Since no one is allowed to talk in study hall, Brad would not notice my lack of vocal capabilities. Not that I didn't have a lot to say but I seem to always over think myself and shyness would capture all my words before they could part from my lips. I was fine with the note writing and he seem to be too since he never bothered to ask for my phone number or held me up with long conversations after class.

Then he asked me to join him for lunch in the caf. I didn't want our relationship to end by saying no but the caf was such a social place I knew I couldn't pull it off so I made up some lame excuse. The next week in class I got a rather long note from Brad and I knew he had penned it before class because we had only been seated 2 minutes.

Hi, Trish I have been thinking about you a lot lately.
I really want you to be my girl, but it's kind of hard when
You won't go out with me. Everybody on campus knows you
don't like to talk but I never minded that. I just
invited you to lunch to eat. Besides I can tell by your
cute little notes you are a girl who knows what she wants
so I can take that.

Anyway I am pretty sure as loud and obnoxious as I am
with the fella's your voice won't be missed. That look in
your eyes and that sexy body speak loud enough to me. So what
do you say, will you join me for lunch? I want to
introduce you to the team and don't worry I'll do
the talking you just smile that cute little smile
of yours. Brad

Maybe another girl wouldn't have been, but I was flattered from head to toe. I was so elated I forgot all of my timidity and leaned forward, putting my lips close to his ear and whispered yes in what came out like a breathy shrill. I could tell it shocked him because the hair stood up on the back of his neck but he recovered quickly to scribble another note.

Unless you want to skip the girlfriend
Stuff and be my wife you better not
Breath in my ear like that again.
I smiled for three hours.

The next eight months were busy. My once uneventful life of classes and swimming now included football games, galas and friends. Brad and I were almost never alone, which suited me fine, because Brad was so popular. Outside of our boring class, I found out Brad was the quarterback of our university football team and very good if I might add. I soon noticed that he had his choice of girls hanging around but he never failed to drag me everywhere. I sat in the stands alone to watch him play. But soon after the game ended my cell would ring and he would tell me where to be without even waiting for a response he would hang up. I loved it. I would be right there.

Unfortunately, however, my grades were taking a beating with all this new found social life. But I didn't want to let it go. I was in the thick of things. Finally, I wasn't on the outside looking in. And I didn't even have to speak because Brad was every bit as loud and obnoxious as he boasted. When anyone asked me anything he answered and if anyone pushed the issue he protected me. I just smiled. I was so proud to be on his arm that I barely grimaced when the letter came that I was in academic trouble of losing my scholarship. I know I should have seen the hammer swinging but I was so deep I missed it.

See while everything was going wrong for my future; everything was going right for Brad. Dooms day came one day in early spring. My grade point average had dropped below the allowed level for me to continue my time at the university on scholarship and I would be responsible for reimbursing the semester of my failure with $14,000.00. Like everything else in my life that I wanted to tell Brad but couldn't, I started to write him a note:

Brad, you are such a great man. You would not believe how much you
have helped me to find myself, who God has created me to be and find
my voice. You have shown me the love of God in selecting me out of
all your choice of women to show off as your girl. I can only imagine
how the Israelites felt when God chose them the least, to call His own.
Well, I better get own with it. You know I don't talk much but
I can write forever. I recently found out I have flubbed my
scholarship and my future here at the university. Please don't blame
yourself, it was my choice but now I am going to have to start
thinking again. I know God will help me put the pieces together so I
am neither worried nor concerned. I have enjoyed this season of my
life too much to regret it and I am especially glad I met you. But
now I must say goodbye and wish you God speed.
Your silent angel, Trish

I stuffed the note in the campus mailbox. It would seem odd to anyone else but for Brad and I, it was normal to find mail from the other. He never wrote as much as me, but he would pen things down on road games and during class, enough to keep me smiling. So I went to my own box to check for incoming mail before leaving the post. I smiled as I found an unexpected note from Brad. I ripped it open quickly, knowing his would be short and to the point.

Trish, Great News. I didn't want you to stress with me
over the draft so that's why I didn't bother to mention it
Before I left for home, but I was picked #8 to the
San Francisco 49ers. I know you don't know who they
are but they have a history with quarterbacks. But that's
not the best news; I am saving that til I see you.
God did it again girl. Brad

I couldn't stop the tears. It was hard enough breaking the relationship off but to never see Brad again. I mean he was going from coast to coast. Great news shouldn't make you cry but I couldn't stop crying for two days. Here I was with a lost scholarship, lost relationship and lost love. I know at one time I believed God knew what he was doing but now I was starting to wonder. I refused to answer my cell. I knew by now Brad had gotten my miserable note and I wasn't about to ruin his wonderful life with my miserable one. Besides, what could he do but feel sorry for me. Since my college semester appeared to be ruined I spent the week locked in my room eating oodles and noodles, watching sitcoms, crying and pitching temper tantrums on God.

Brad left several messages on my voice mail begging me to let him in but I only ignored them. See in the girl dorm the security guard wouldn't let anyone in the building without a call from the girl and then her arriving to escort her visitor to the room. And since I had never invited Brad to my room he wouldn't know where to come even if he got another patron to escort him in. So you can imagine my shock when a familiar envelope slid under my door. I waited for a knock, but none came. I stared at the note on the floor for a long time before I got up to get it.

Trish, I didn't think this was
appropriate but you leave me no choice:
Will you Marry Me?
If the answer is yes then as usual, no need
to say anything Just open the door.
If the answer is no then just slide my proposal
back to me and I will go away.
But know no matter what you choose

Before I could contemplate how a week of despair had made me look, I flung open the door and embraced the biggest smile, the strongest arms and the securest place on earth. As he picked me up, I nestled my face in his neck and made sure I whispered in his ear, Yes, in that same breathy shrill. This time he laughed and arrogantly said, I am going to make you eat those words. I know I should have been offended but I wasn't in the least.

This is Part 1. In Part 2 you will find out how Brad trained his quiet, shy, submissive bride.

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Nice story!

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Great story!

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A reader says ... All of us readers are looking forward to Part II ... A reader says ... This story brought tears of joy when she said "Yes" to him, when he asked her to marry him. A very special story that shows God's Grace, of how God takes care of those who trust him. Thanks for sharing. A real blessing! Looking forward to Part II. A reader says ... This is such an incredible story! A reader says ... We loved this story!