Funny Stories

Title: Yard Work    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Typically, I do most of the yard work but since we bought our new house, sometimes my husband does the yard work or we do it together. Well the other day it was "fall clean up day", this means clipping all the bushes back, trimming the tress, raking the leaves, cleaning out annual flower beds, pruning the roses, oh did I mention raking the leaves. While we were in deep with our yard work, a neighbor we had never met before came over and started talking to my husband, while I continued to do the work, they continued to talk. They talked until I was all done picking up the leaves and putting them into those large brown bags that are impossible to fill by yourself! He felt bad about not helping and began complaining that the neighbor had come over as a token of apology to me. I wasn't irritated; I just want to complete the work. Later that day when he was annoyed with a motorist and honked, I said, "You know honey God put him there for a reason" Very witty, he smiled and said, "Yeah, just like he put the neighbor there earlier, so I didn't have to do the yard work!" Leave it to my husband to have a punch line. It did make him laugh and realize the nonsense of getting irritated. God Bless those little moments he gives us!