Anniversary Stories

Title: The Anniversary - Chapter 3 of 10 - The Cabin    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


At 5:45 AM, Karen found herself being awakened by Dave. After such a short amount of sleep, she couldn't imagine what he was doing awake. She looked at him and saw that he was dressed. She was still wearing the princess teddy and robe. He told her "It's time to wake up, I have something to show you". It was still dark outside, and Karen wondered what on earth Dave was up to. She put on the sandals that matched the rest of the outfit, and followed Dave. Much to her surprise, he led her out of the hotel room, and down the hallway. She was partly terrified that they would run into someone else while she was wearing only her wearing her princess teddy and robe, but part of her didn't care because she knew how incredibly good she looked in it. Fortunately, they didn't see any one else as he led her to their car and opened the door for her to get in. He then went around the car and started driving.

He drove the car out of Snowbird parking lot, and started heading further up the canyon. "Where on earth are we going" Karen laughed. She was excited and tired at the same time and was giddy from too little sleep. "I told you I had a surprise for you" Dave said, and kept driving. The sun came up after about 15 minutes of driving and it started to be light. Now and then, other cars would pass by. Each car that passed made Karen intensely aware of how little she was wearing. She was amazed that Dave had managed to get her into a car wearing something so bare. But after a few cars passed, she realized that no one would be able to what she was wearing since all they could see was her shoulders. They drove for about an hour, climbing high up into the mountains and then Dave turned the car off onto a small road. They drove down the small road for about 45 minutes, climbing even higher. They turned off onto a gravel road that looked like no one had traveled it for a long time. After about 20 minutes on the gravel road, they came to a gate. Dave got out of the car and pulled a key from his pocket, which he used to unlock the gate. After driving through, he locked the gate again and got back into the car.

As he stepped back into the car, he looked at Karen and said, "Now you get to see the surprise I told you about". Karen was surprised by this remark. She thought the roses, the strawberries and the princess robe were the surprise. But they were just preliminaries and she was about to see the main event. She didn't really understand what he meant, so she just nodded. They started to drive again, this time along a dirt road.

The sun was now up fully, and Karen could see the beauty of the land around her. There were forests of pine trees all around, and a small stream ran by the side of the road. Up ahead, she could see the peaks of the mountains towering above the tops of the trees. She saw a small family of deer living in the forest. The deer cautiously watched the car as it drove by, but they made no attempt to flee. The deer and the forest made her wonder how her youngest son Jason was doing. Jason had gotten a summer job as a counselor at a Boy Scout camp. Karen thought that perhaps the camp he was at looked a lot like the forests around her. Jason was proud of his job. It was unusual for the camp to hire 15 year olds; usually they had to be 16. But they made an exception for Jason, and he loved being in the outdoors and helping the younger scouts learn about the ways of scouting. It never occurred to her that the camp Jason was at was in Florida, and was very unlikely to have any mountains.

After driving for a few miles, they reached a cabin. The cabin was mostly light blue, with white trim along the roofline and around the windows. It was ornate, and if it hadn't been blue, it might have looked like a gingerbread house. As the got out of the car, Karen could sense that there weren't any other humans for miles around. She felt beautiful outside in the sunshine in the beaded teddy and the sheer robe. She walked over and hugged Dave, and they walked together to the cabin.

The inside of the cabin was even more ornate than the outside. It reminded Karen of a dollhouse. The cabin consisted mostly of one big room. This room was quite large, and was dominated by floor to ceiling windows, which made up one entire wall. The ceiling was slanted, starting low by the entry door and sloping up to the back of the cabin where the windows were. By the time the ceiling reached the walls with the windows, it was nearly 18 feet high. The windows included a glass door, and outside the windows was a wooden deck with a big hot tub and some wicker chairs. The main room included a big couch with a couple of end tables, some comfortable looking reclining chairs, and a built in but fairly well hidden home theatre system. There was also a dining table for two. The side of the room nearest the windows housed a king size canopy bed with lace curtains around it, a white lace bedspread and dozens of white pillows of every shape and size.

By far the most striking thing about this room though was the view out the huge glass wall. The window looked out over a view of the entire canyon and eventually the valley below. While the valley was too far away to make out details, the city could clearly be seen far off in the distance. Off to the left was the peak of another mountain. To the right was a forest. Nearby to the far left were some small buildings that looked like old sheds or barns.

In addition to the great room, there were two other rooms. One was a small but beautiful and well-equipped kitchen. The second was a bathroom with walls, floors, and countertops all covered with sheets of marble. The bathroom includes two sinks, with a huge mirror over them, a double sized shower with clear glass walls, and a big whirlpool bathtub. There was also of course a toilet and a bidet. In the corner Karen noticed a dressing table with a mirror and lamp over it and an ornate chair to sit at in front of the table. Over the bathtub hung a beautiful picture of Karen that she had given Dave for a gift last Christmas. In it, Karen is wearing a violet chemise and is giving the camera her very best flirty smile. Attached to the bathroom was a walk in closet with several built in drawers.

Everywhere in the cabin were beautiful decorations and flowers. There were shelves high on the walls from which lush green plants hung down towards the floor. There were many shelves with beautiful porcelain dolls dressed in beautiful gowns. Above the bed was a large portrait of Dave and Karen made from a photograph they had taken about a year earlier. Karen's favorite, painting, a picture of Christ with the Children, hung by the door to the kitchen.

As Karen walked through the cabin, she was struck by the beauty of the place and after a minute realized that someone had gone to great effort to decorate the cabin in a way that she would love it. Someone who knew what she liked and what her inner desires were. After minutes of silence, she ran over to Dave and asked, "What is this place, how did you pull this off?" He looked at her for quietly for a moment, and then said, "It is our place, for when we want to be alone. I have a little confession to make. My business is doing a little better than I have let you know. I didn't really have to go to Seattle, I was really here, finishing up the details of this." I bought the land from a guy one of my customers introduced me to. The cabin was built pretty much as you see it, but I redecorated it and had it fixed up"

He continued, "You might be interested to know that all the way in from the locked gate that we came through is our land. It is about 120 acres, and it is fenced all the way around. This is our place and our place alone."

As Karen thought about that and looked around in amazement, she suddenly remembered what she was wearing, and realized that all of her clothes were back at Snowbird, two hours away. Suddenly she was worried, and mentioned this to Dave. He smiled, and told her that her clothes were perfectly safe back in their room at Snowbird. In fact, all of her belongings were still in her suitcase since she had never opened it the night before, and he was sure they would be safe there.

"But I don't have any other clothes besides this." Karen exclaimed, "Why would you need anything else?" Dave teased. "Well", Karen said, "we might want to do something out of bed this week you know." "Dont worry", Dave said, "the closet has some clothes for you. I think that everything you will need this week is in there, but for now, what you are wearing is perfect." He hugged her, and invited her to sit down in the recliner and relax while he went and made a late breakfast for them.