Anniversary Stories

Title: The Anniversary - Chapter 10 of 10 - Snowbird Again    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


After the games from yesterday, Dave and Karen said their nightly prayers, cuddled up next to each other and slept until morning. Again, Karen woke up first and lay in her be looking at the ring that Dave had given her for her anniversary. Each of the colored stones made her think of one of her children, but it took her a few minutes to remember what the birthstone for each month was and hence which stone went with which child. She got her journal and put in some more of her thoughts about everything that had happened here and while she was writing Dave woke up. He told her that this was their last day at the cabin for this trip. She looked very sad, but he reminded her that they could come back any time they wanted, it would still be there.

The rain had quit, so they had breakfast, and decided to go running again. As she put on her running clothes, Karen remembered how embarrassed she had been a few days ago at how tiny they were. Now she was happy they were small, and put them on anxiously. They went out the front door, and ran towards the forest. When they got to the forest, they saw something truly amazing. The mother dear was nursing a tiny fawn. They hadn't known that the tiny fawn was there, and they watched for a while, coming as close as they dared but not wanted to scare the deer away. Then they ran to the pond. They couldn't resist the urge to go swimming once more, so they stripped off their running clothes and went in the water splashing, petting, and tickling each other.

They laid on the grass long enough to dry off, and then ran over to the stables. They said goodbye to the horses and left a note for the person who was hired to come and get them and take them back to his horse ranch to care for them while they were gone. Then they walked for several hours, looking at the details of the scenery and talking about their dreams and their hopes. It was nearly suppertime by the time they got back. They took a bath in the big tub together and once again washed each others hair. Dave put on the poet shirt and tights he had worn the night before, Karen put on the tube dress she had worn the first night there, and then added the thigh highs and the heels.

Dave cooked the fish that was still in the fridge. Karen made apple crisp to go with it, and they ate dinner together quietly. After dinner, they talked out on the patio until it was bedtime. As she took off the tube dress, Dave told Karen that she should wear her princess teddy and robe again. She didn't see any reason for that, but she didn't see any reason not too either, so she did. They prayed together for a last time this trip, and then climbed into bed together. Karen wanted to be touched, and so Dave rubbed her breasts and thighs around and under the teddy as she went to sleep.

The next thing Karen was aware of was Dave waking her up again. This time it was 3:30 AM and it was totally dark outside. He told her that it was time to go. She asked him what she was supposed to wear, and he said, "You are already wearing it". After the past week, nothing surprised her, so she put on the sandals and followed him to the car. He drove down the dirt road to the gate, opened the gate went through it and locked it again. Then they went down the gravel road to the tiny asphalt road. They drove down that road and eventually connected with the main road in the canyon again. The sun was just starting to peak around the hills when they got back to the Snowbird parking lot. Dave opened Karen's door for her, and suddenly she realized that she wasn't in their own private paradise anymore, here someone might actually be around to see her, and that teddy still didn't cover any more of her than it had a week ago. They hurried up to their room, and they opened the door and disappeared into their room just as the people in the room next door were opening their door to come out. "That was close", Karen giggled. "But not close enough" Dave laughed back. They were both too happy to be very concerned about it, and they both knew how good she looked anyway.

She looked on the floor of the hotel room, and saw the suitcase she had packed a week ago. Only now it seemed like a year ago. She looked at the ring on her finger to make sure that it had all been real. Then Dave asked her "So, did you have a good time?" The only answer she had was tears, so she shed them as she held Dave close to her. Then he asked, "So do you remember when we hiked down from the top of Snowbird." That was a fond memory for both of them, it had happened at Karen's class reunion, and they had stayed at the Anniversary inn. While they were there, Dave took some pictures of Karen in a naught French maids outfit, and while he still treasured those pictures, he realized that she looked much better now.

She said, "of course I remember that". He said, "are you ready for a challenge? knowing that a challenge was the one thing Karen could never resist. "Sure", she said. So he looked at her and said "Let's hike up to the top of Snowbird this time." She thought about that for a few seconds, said OK, and went to her suitcase to get her hiking clothes. They both got dressed and started waking towards the base of the hill. As they started up the hill, Karen realized that these were the hiking clothes she had packed, not the ones Dave had bought for her. These clothes actually covered her. She found it impossible to decide whether to feel relieved or disappointed.