Wedding Night Stories

Title: proposal    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


The day started off with brilliant sunshine and we got 24 degrees and fantastic weather. The makeup lady arrived at 8.30 and started her magic on the first bridesmaid and then worked between me and the 2 bridesmaids. We had several people pop in through the morning and my surprise was delivered.

The photographer and the videographer arrived at 1.30 and proceeded to take some shots at home. The florist had done a magnificent job with the flowers. The black 57chevs arrived at 2.30 and off we went to the chapel at 2.50 and pulled in the drive at 3.00.

The ceremony was great as we had written our own vows and it meant a lot. My surprise was monarch butterflies and everyone was very surprised as I had them delivered to me that morning individually placed in boxes and when the boxes were open and the sun hit there wings it was a magic sight, the celebrant said a few words while they were being released.