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Title: I Thought I Had Erectile Dysfunction (ED)    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I have been married for twenty years and am around 50. I thought I had erectile dysfunction because I did not get easily aroused by my wife. I was thinking of looking for some ED cure-all drug to take to help me with, what I thought was a physical problem.

But then I was working with this younger woman who dressed very sexy and was flirtatious and had very sexy mannerisms. She wore low cut tops and short skirts. On several occasions she would inadvertently spread her legs or lean over so I could see down her dress. I noticed that I became aroused when this happened.

I asked myself, If my co-worker can turn me on, I must not have ED, but why can't my wife turn me on?

It made me realize that I was not ED but rather I needed more passion in our marriage. I told my wife my experience and we both agreed to begin to add more spice to our marriage. Having a closer relationship without arguments and bitterness was the beginning. And then finding exciting, stimulating sexy things to do together like reading stories together from this web site was also very helpful. My wife learned some things from this web site that also turn me on.

I'm glad I did not start taking drugs. I would prefer to get an erection naturally being turned on and stimulated by my wife, rather than taking a drug, with who knows what side-effect.