Anniversary Stories

Title: Anniversary Suprise    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


For an anniversary surprise my husband, Robert, asked me to dress up real nice for dinner, but would not say where we were going. When it came time to go he blindfolded me (with a nice silky one he had purchased from Victoria's Secret!) and drove around until I couldn't possibly know where we were.

I assumed we were going to a fancy restaurant and was self conscious about walking in blindfolded. I wanted to remove the blindfold before getting out of the car, but Robert prevailed. When we got out of the car I was confused by how quiet it was and had no idea whatsoever where we were. Robert even had a key for this place! The sound of big doors opening into a room that sort of echoed added to the mystique. I could tell I was in a big room with high ceilings, but where? He led me through another doorway and then another fifty feet or so before finally stopping. By this time I was dieing to know where we were! I kept asking if we were alone and was assured that we were.

Robert then asked me to keep my eyes closed while he removed the blindfold. When I opened my eyes at his cue, for the first time since our wedding day, we were standing in the very spot we were married! It took a moment to get my bearings, but then I noticed a card with my name on it in Robert's handwriting. The flowers next to the card must be for me too! When it dawned on me that he had come earlier in the day to place them there I was so touched that he put so much thought and energy into planning such a romantic evening for our anniversary.

We rented a quaint Mennonite church for our wedding celebration, and this was the first time we returned since our wedding day. Robert had made arrangements earlier in the week and returned earlier that day to get things ready.

After we turned off the lights in the sanctuary I wanted to go downstairs to reminisce about the reception too. What I didn't know is that he had put even more effort into what I would find in the fellowship hall where we had our wedding reception! Perhaps I thought that we would leave the church and head out to a restaurant. Or maybe I was so in the moment that I wasn't thinking about what would come next. But I was not expecting anything more at the church. When the lights came on in the fellowship hall everything looked different than we had left it on our wedding day -- except for one thing.

The head table was set to dine, complete with candles, the same tablecloth, napkins and decorative paper plates as were used on our wedding day. (We had saved a few and stored them away.) In the refrigerator were the same cold cuts and potato salad, etc. we had served that day. To top it off, a TV and VCR was at the ready to watch a video of our wedding and honeymoon after dinner. But by the time we were done eating and reminiscing, I suggested that we take the videos home to watch them, which we did.