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Title: Serve God ... Be A Foster Parent    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Being a foster parent is a way you can serve God and show God's love to children who are going through a difficult time.

If you have a spare bedroom we hope you will pray about becoming a foster parent.

A good web page to begin learning about foster parenting is at

Foster parenting is a self-less way to really help a child.

Have you ever wondered why many children who are adopted turn out to have a poor relationship with their adoptive parents?

There are many factors involved but one reason is that many times, parents who adopt have selfish reasons for adopting. They do not adopt the child simply to show God's love to a child, but rather because they want a child or a baby.

While this seems harmless, their desire for a child includes many expectations. Then when the child does not meet their expectations the parent may not respond with love and the child may feel unloved. Further complicating the relationship is the common desire for the adopted child to want to meet their blood parents. The solution is for parents to only adopt if they are sure that even if the child grows up to never think of them as their parents, that they would still adopt in order to show God's love to this child.

Foster parenting is another way to help children. Foster parents are well aware the child has parents and that the child simply needs love and care.