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Title: Dealing with the unfortunate    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


When my beloved and I first married we immediately began to deal with unforeseen health issues. Sometimes in life these things happen, which demonstrates all the more the importance of sacred vows. These health concerns did have an impact not just on daily life but on our relationship. The trial drove us to prayer and mutual concern, patience, and forgiveness for each other.

If you or your spouse is experiencing a significant health problem temporary or long-term its vital to acknowledge the reality and pain of it. Bad things can and do happen but how we respond can make it even worse! Before talking to your spouse about your concerns, frustrations or disappointments talk to the Lord and ask for the strength to listen even when you don't care as much as you should, and to let go of any "rights" you think your entitled to. Marriage, like the Christian life, is not just about the wonder full gifts we receive - but also about service and serving others. Honor God by honoring your spouse with service. That is quite easy to say, but hard to do.