Honeymoon Stories

Title: Bathtub fire    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Our wedding day was everything that I had ever imagined. My wife was glowing with excitement throughout our wedding and reception. We especially enjoyed visiting into the evening with dear family and friends, and because of that, we had decided not to travel far for the anticipated wedding night. As the evening's events wound down, we finally reached the hotel where our honeymoon would begin.

We had a Jacuzzi tub in our room, and I had brought some candles to put around the tub and some roses so that I could place petals in the water. Because my wife had been on her feet so much that day in heels (until she finally listened to my advice!), I thought it would be nice to set a soothing bath for her. She got in and relaxed . . . she was looking so beautiful in that tub! My breath was taken away as I saw her for the first time and I was very distracted until I smelled smoke. I looked up and part of my wife's beautiful hair had caught fire from a candle! She put out the flames and we shared a laugh about how this was not exactly how we imaged our honeymoon to begin.

Waiting until we got married was one of our best decisions. Everything was worth the wait! I didn't think things would begin the way they did, but it did make a lasting memory.