Reunion Stories

Title: God, give me another chance.    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I thought I had lost her for good, the one woman that had ever been able to touch my soul. I spent four months alone wishing to have her back in my arms. I prayed to God every night to either give her back to me or end this longing I had for her in my life. Finally, I found the courage to call her one night and invite her up to see me. She declined. I knew it was over for good.

But then the following day I received an e-mail from her in my inbox explaining that she had to turn me down because she did not want to bear the hurt again that was caused by my leaving. I sat down and used that opportunity to pour my heart out to her and tell her how special I thought she was. It worked. She called me two days later. We talked on the phone several times after that.

I took it a further step and sent her the most beautiful flowers I could find with a note telling her that if God saw fit to give me a second chance with her, I would spend the rest of my life showing her how special she was to me. I would never let her go again.

That was two years ago. We were married 7 months after that. I can't imagine what I did for God to put her in my life, but I spend every day showing her how special she is.