Anniversary Stories

Title: Precious Memories    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I don't remember which anniversary of ours it wasperhaps the fifthbut it stands out as being very special. I was reminded of it in reading another person's account on this site, and it reminds me that it's time to try something special again. My dear wife certainly deserves a more loving, creative, and romantic husband than the one she's been given, and I'm all thumbs when it comes to this stuff, but this one time, I think it went okay, and I did the right thing.

My wife is a pretty perceptive person, and how I managed to completely hide all this from her, I'll never know. Either that, or she just said she didn't have a clue about it just to make me feel good, but it really doesn't matter now I basically came home from work, prepared to take her to dinner on our special evening. That was all I'd told her in advance. We took the children to my parents who would watch them for the evening, and then took off. Upon leaving Mom and Dad's, I had her put on a blindfold so she couldn't see where we were going. I'm not sure just why I did that, but it was kind of fun. Just to make sure she was good and confused, I spent the better part of an hour goofing off in my car, driving up one road and down the next, sometimes going on the same road more than once. She got so thoroughly confused that she didn't have a clue where we were. The drive also had another purpose it was a chance to simply be alone and talk. The greatest thing I haven't been able to adequately satisfy my dear wife in with our marriage, is the fine art of communication. I'm simply not very good at it no matter how hard I try somehow the ball seems to get dropped on things. Anyway, this was a good time of communication, and I seized the opportunity to practice. A final purpose was that I wanted to arrive for our dinner at a certain time, so I had to kill some time.

Earlier in the year one of my brothers had invited us over for supper. He cooked me one of the best steaks I'd ever had in my life. So, I pleaded with him to do it again for us on our anniversary. I eventually navigated us over to their apartment. I was a little nervous escorting my wife, because she still had her blindfold on. Thankfully nobody saw us and felt the need to accost me as if I was breaking some law or something. My brother and his wife let us in. They were accompanied by one of my other brothers and his wife. We had talked about this before, and they let us into their apartment in complete silence. If possible, I wanted to deceive my wife into thinking we might be entering some restaurant although it was much too quiet for a restaurant! My wife still didn't have a clue as to where we were. But boy could we smell some awesome food in their little kitchen!

Still in complete silence, I led my wife to the table that had been set there for two and helped her into her chair. All the while, I made her keep the blindfold on. After giving thanks for our meal, I made her keep it on just a little while longer. My brother is a songleader in our church. As we completed the prayer for our meal, we heard him blow on a pitch pipe, and then he and his wife, and my other brother and his wife, sang a hymn to us, Precious Memories. This was too much for my beloved, and her shoulders started to shake, and the tears flowed freely. I think my own joined hers; this was a really touching gesture on the part of my brother, and one I'll remember for the rest of my life. Of course, now she knew exactly where she was. Somewhere in here I helped her take off the blindfold, and we simply held one another while listening to them finish the song.

Following this, they served us our meal, and then left us to ourselves. It was a tremendous gift to us both, one that didn't cost a cent (aside from all the miles I put on my car that day!), although I tried to pay him for it (and he wouldn't let me if I recall correctly), and a special memory I carry with me to this day. You might wish to understand one other thing that made the evening all the more special, and was probably the reason it brought her tears. I mentioned two of my brothers. All three of us happened to marry sisters from the same family. These were her sisters singing for us, the same as it was my own brothers.

The song they sang is a pretty special one, and it's often sung by the congregation at our church. The words to Precious Memories are below. I just wish I could also insert the musical score, but I can't the way this internet form works.

Precious memories, unseen angels
Sent from somewhere to my soul
How they linger ever near me
And the sacred past unfold

Precious Father, loving Mother
Fly across the lonely years
And old home scenes of my childhood
In fond memory appear

As I travel on life's pathway
Know not what the years may hold
As I ponder, hope grows fonder
Precious memories flood my soul

In the still of the midnight
Echoes from the past I hear
Old time singing, gladness bringing
From that lovely land somewhere

Precious memories, how they linger
How they ever flood my soul
In the stillness of the midnight
Precious sacred scenes unfold

Thanks for letting me share this precious memory I have of a wonderful anniversary with my wife.