Wedding Night Stories

Title: Secret Wedding    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My husband and I kept our engagement a secret until our wedding day. No one ever knew we were dating the hold two years we were together. On our wedding date we invited our family to church it was on a Sunday morning. At the end of service the pastor announced that if anyone needed to leave please do so quickly as a wedding was about to take place.

Being that it was totally outside of the norm no one left. There wasn't room for family members that were coming in. They brought wedding decorations in to decorate the church. At this point the church was in disarray trying to figure out who was getting married.

Once the wedding started, then everyone was able to see who's wedding it was. There was not a dry eye in the church. They were totally shocked; no one could believe what they were seeing.

If I had to do it over again I would do it the same way I would not change a thing.