Engagement Stories

Title: Christmas Present    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I didnt know exactly how to ask for her hand in marriage. I talked to her mom and my mom about it and figured it out. There was a big Christmas party coming up that we would all be at and everyone would be able to see it happen. So the day came and I had it worked out with Santa Clause. When he came in he had a box in his hand that I had given him. He called her to the front and made her sit in a rocking chair beside his rocking chair. He asked her had she been a good girl this year and she said yes! He gave her the box and told her to open it. She opened the box and there was another box inside of it. She opened the other box to find yet another box. At this point I snuck up beside her. She opened the smallest box to find a ring box opened with an engagement ring looking up at her. She smiled and started crying at the same time as a knelt down in front of her and asked her to marry me. Of course she said YES!