Engagement Stories

Title: Waiting in Travail    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I've always read it was better to marry than burn in lustc... could I have known it would be like this? Burning... the sensation of pain that continues even after the initial infliction. Even after leaving her presence I burn for her... her eyes, the voice that can move my heart to beat a velocity previously unknown to me. I love her.

It has been a year and three months now. After the death of our Pastor, and her father, it can seem like an endless amount of pain preventing us from being one. I need the Lord's patience in this time, she is worth it. I cherish her so very much, she is my precious princess. I adore her every step. The way she blesses me with creative gifts, her kind words. Her relationship with the Lord. It moves me to be a man that I could not be before her.

I ask anyone reading this to pray for us, that we might see union someday soon. The wait has been agonizing. Postponement, delay, waiting. She is worth it. I will wait for her. I love her.