Engagement Stories

Title: If daydreams could come true...    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Jake missed her already. Last night was a bit too close. Jake hand actually creeped up her shirt around the stomach area. That is a red alert for them. It has been so difficult, waiting these years to be married.

Laying on his bed, relaxing after a long day at work, he rests. Imagining them in their apartment, cuddling after years of being wed. He loved massaging her back, he imagined she would love it even more if Jake were using oil against her bare skin. Jake let out a deep sigh in wanton. Mary, raising her hips slightly against his pelvis as he rubbed her, his hands sliding up and down her pale figure.

Jake imagined she would love this one day. He could picture Mary rolling onto her back, wrapping her long shapely legs around him, beckoning him closer to her now primed sex. She would always draw him close when they hugged, what would it be like now? A sigh in his ear, a command to enter her. Jake thought of himself hardening as she pulled him near. He saw himself quenching her desire for him, plunging himself deep inside, watching her arch her back in a fit of fiery ecstasy. They loved one another, and Jake couldn't wait until they could share this special moment.