Romance Getaway Stories

Title: Fashion Show    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


As a new, young, engaged woman, I was fortunate enough to have two or three bridal showers given for me. They each had a theme, but a favorite of engaged girls and new brides (and their husbands), was always the lingerie shower. Mine was given by my single girlfriends. There is usually a silly game or two played, some food and most of the time saved for lots of comments and laughing, as the bride-to-be opens the gifts of all shapes and sizes. And it was the same for me. I received quite a nice variety of lingerie ... in color, fabric and style. As a new bride who had waited for that marriage night, I was very excited to finally be sharing myself with my husband.

A few months after our wedding, we went away for a long weekend of relaxation. While planning what to take, I decided my husband might enjoy seeing my entire line of lingerie, perhaps in a fashion show. Truthfully, when I wore a gown, teddy or whatever, it didn't stay on long, thus missing the joy of wearing for me and watching for him. We both enjoyed it all, anyway, of course, I was thinking we both might have fun with a little teasing and anticipation.

So I did surprise him as we sat in front of the fire after eating out. I excused myself and began the fashion show of the evening. My husband did enjoy it. I can't remember how many items of lingerie I actually was able to model for him. Either way, we both had fun!