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Title: You got _____ In There?    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I am not sure what type of writing you want from me. I am looking for help with intimacy in my marriage and found your site. I want to read the stories and see if any of them actually will help. It does not seem fair to have to pay just to sample a story. It is hard to write anything when you are not feeling creative. I guess if I were creative I would not be in this situation and would not have to be coming up with 250 words. I can see you charging if a person was to read all the stories and continue to access the site. A "sample" would encourage people to maybe subscribe if they felt like the stories were helping. I hope that this comment helps your site maybe come up with a better way to get people to subscribe. How many people do you have that actually subscribe to this site?

Okay I thought of a funny story about my child. When he was little he would play with our home school play groups. Most of the women nursed their babies and he was used to seeing all the mothers nursing. He had never really paid attention. Then one day I saw him watching my girlfriend. I could see the wheels start to turn in his head but I did not know what he was about to do. After watching for a few minutes he got the look that told me. Oh, I know what is going on now. Well, he walked up to my girlfriend, put his hand on her breast and asked her in a very serious voice "you got juice in there?" I thought we were all going to bust a gut.

Editor: Thank you for your funny story about the innocence of your child. Moving on to your other questions and concerns we have about 748 subscribers who have either paid or have submitted a story and we have about 5,000 other subscribers each year who subscribe but then never pay or subscribe. After one year we delete the inactive subscriber ids so they can be reused by new subscribers.

You can read many of the stories by just clicking on them. But we make the intimate ones (sex stories) off limits to the public so children will not read them. Even though your story was not a sex story I gave you a free month so you can sample the stories.
For the stories to help your marriage, you may need to read them with your husband in bed so if they cause you to become sexually aroused, he will be there to share in your excitement. When a wife gets excited from reading something aloud to her husband, usually this causes her husband to get excited too and so it can help the couple to enjoy sex more.