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Title: Romance ideas for your husband    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Romance in marriage can be hard especially with young kids and busy schedules. Gift giving is another challenge after many years of marriage. My husband is not one for making gifts for each other but he loves getting them. One year I was really struggling to find a suitable gift for my husband, so I came up with the following ideas:

a) fill a fishbowl with "love coupons" that you could pull out one at a time and fulfill
b) create a puzzle of the two of you together
c) have an "indoor" picnic with candles and pizza along with a game such as strip poker or strip uno!
d) highlight all the words in the dictionary that you feel describe him
e) buy some fun, new lingerie for yourself
f) use flavored condoms or glow in the darks!
g) play a game of hide and seek and tease each other by taking off one article of clothing for each round of hide and seek you play
h) go to a hotel or motel or some special place away - it is amazing what you can do for your sex life by just getting away from your normal environment. Just finding a place where you can get rid of your inhibitions because the kids are in the next room etc. makes everything much more exciting.
i) ask friends to babysit while you get away
j) try a new position you haven't before

Don't let your romance die - have fun and rekindle it!

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:49:43 PM

A reader says ... Thanks for the great ideas. Here are a couple of our favorites as well: 1. Shower or bath together, 2. Give sensual massages to each other, 3. Read the wonderful stories on together, 4. Prolong each other's pleasure when making love using many different positions, 5. Tell each other often that you love them more every day, 6. Do all that you can to show each other that they are truly loved and appreciated and do so sincerely, 7. Pray together and take turns praying, 8. Sincerely compliment each other everyday, 9. Communicate what you want sexually and in detail - don't ever go away from a love-making session without making sure both are fully and completely satisfied and feeling more loved. 10. When away from each other throughout the normal working days, make your phone calls to each other loving and special. Let them know that when you get home that you will attack them with hugs and kisses. 11. Resolve problems quickly and never get mad at each other. 12. Be humorous, laugh, smile, be pleasant - who wants to be married to a grouch anyway. 13. Hold hands and cuddle a lot when watching TV or at Church. It is so sad to see couples at Church who sit apart like strangers or mentally divorced from each other. 14. Just commit to each other that your love and passion will grow more everyday and then make it happen!