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Title: Building romance    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Building Romance

Far too often we get caught up in everyday life and we forget the little things that we did when we first starting dating.

Start a weekly candle light dinner just for the two of you. The husband should buy his wife flowers a simple vase for a single rose is nice a new rose can be replaced each week. This rose can be the center piece for an intimate dinner for the two of you each week. A nice touch is to have a card from each other with something special that you thought about that week about your spouse. This is a time to share each others love you work together to create a meal and setting a table that is relaxing and allows you to focus on each other. If you have small kids, hire a baby sitter, if you have older kids they can go to the movies or to a friend's house some arrangement to allow the two of you time alone. This is not to take away from your children as it shows the children that you are a caring and loving couple that is committed to each other and to your family. This alone time allows you to be intimate and grow your relationship with each other. It prevents every day stresses of life from coming between the two of you. The idea here is to focus on your relationship that God had planned for you and not let life's issues separate you from each other's love. Take the time to hold hands, look in to each other's eyes and listen to each other. Spend some time just holding each other and let each other know that they are important in their lives and that you are committed to the relationship. This will help your marriage grow stronger and more intimate.