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Title: Slowing momentum    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Over the last few months the frequency of our romantic encounters has slowed. We have been married 16 years and our life has been a good one. A year ago I started a business that earns large sums but not often. Peaks and valleys you could say. The Peaks are quite large but the valleys can lead to some discomfort during the first year. I suppose it is that anguish that started our problem.

I always assume that richer and poorer, sickness and health would cover these things.. Maybe they do. She still loves me but says the stress makes her feel "not in the mood". Now I can understand that. But here is the rub...

She came home one afternoon after being at the store. She mentioned that she saw this very handsome man. Black, lots of thick braids and dressed well. I thought nothing of it ... Later that night she wanted sex .. something we had not done but once or twice a month for the last several months.

She normally never says anything but that night she kept saying "!! . I asked her what had her so revved up and she said it was from not having sex for two weeks. The last few months seemed forced .. I knew in her mind she was thinking of that exotic man. Stress or no stress she wanted it from him.

I should be happy we had sex .. (note: not made love) But I just feel hurt. I guess I would be OK with a fantasy if it was in addition to us having a normal sex life. I just can't handle it as a replacement. Pray for us .. We may need it

Editor: I'm going to give you a free month so you can browse the stories with your wife and see if this helps her find the excitement she wants with you and home instead of at the store. I pray God will help her to open up and tell you the truth and that you will not take it personally and be jealousy but just explain to her that you and she will work together to find ways to find more excitement in your love life - TOGETHER! May God bless you and your wife and your relationship!