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Title: Breastfeeding Mothers Needed    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


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Similarly, the more women breastfeed out in the open, the more everybody and especially men get to see the normal breast fulfilling its natural function of feeding babies, the less taboo the breast becomes, and the less obsessed men will be by it. So by nursing in public you can actually help those poor fellows whose thinking has been turned backwards by media and society.

One of the main things affecting how the general public feels about breastfeeding in public is how much mothers do so! Just imagine, if practically all mothers nursed their babies, then it would be commonplace to see nursing infants and older babies in public, too. Then women wouldn't have to be embarrassed by it, nor would others present pay much mind to such an everyday occurrence. And though it might be difficult, nursing mothers can change other people's views about breastfeeding. So be encouraged to nurse in public places - you are making it a little easier for all the other moms, while at the same time you can let men and boys see the real purpose of breasts.

Our society is desperately in need of mothers nursing their babies in public openly. We also need books and TV programs featuring breastfeeding mothers. Our children need breastfeeding dolls, not bottle-feeding ones. If a girl grows up thinking that breastfeeding is the normal way to feed a baby, she will be much more likely to try it, and knowing that a lot of women can do it with no difficulty, she'll have more confidence in herself as a nursing mother.