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Title: Thoughts on Marriage    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


What can I say. I have been married to a beautiful woman for 14 years and still find that I don't understand her. Through the past years it has been clear that I have been missing the mark. My focus has been in the wrong areas and I am saddened what has come of our relationship. She has been hurt by me from my misunderstanding of meeting her needs.

After reading through a few of these articles it is clear that I have been living in the flesh and it has destroyed our relationship. I realize that I am not in control and that the Lord will be leading my life. My hopes are that my Lord will forgive me for my hurt and sin that has destroyed my home.

Thank you Lord for my strong woman and grant me the strength and understanding to love her, respect her and not hurt her anymore. Forgive me Lord. Cleanse me. I cry out to you for your mercy. Please heal me and my wife. Please help me to change and be what you designed me to be for my wife and children.

I praise you Lord. I lift your name at the top of my voice. I rejoice in your glory. Without you there is no fulfillment. Without your majesty their is no peace.

I see the error of my ways. I see the hurt that I have become to others. I see my selfish ways and poor decisions. I need your guidance and I need your love in my life. Please lift me up in your arms and hold me. Help me to share your love with others. Give me a true understanding of how I can meet the needs of my wife emotionally and physically. Without you I am lost and have no way. I am lost with no sight or hearing but with you in full submissiveness, I can walk according your will because you will guide me and teach me.

I thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to share this with others.