Engagement Stories

Title: The Proposal    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


So my very 'touched by the spirit' husband (then boyfriend) and I were praying together one night at about five in the morning. We prayed about and for each other. We asked God to strengthen us individually and as a potential unit. We had decided, separately, that we would not even date one another until we knew that person was the one. We had been dating for six months and things were going really well. So we begin to pray and it got so deep for me, it was like I was in complete darkness and there was nothing but myself and God. I was praying and listening. After that prayer, my husband was closing us out but paused. I thought something was wrong but then he turned to me and asked me to marry him. He wanted to do it before saying Amen so that we would still be in his presence.

It was awesome! He then gave me the most incredible, most sensual, kiss that I had ever experienced. We got married six months after that night. Things have yet to slow down for us and it has been three years as of just a few days ago. We have just celebrated our anniversary and he is still just as romantic as he was that night. I have had plenty of boyfriends and casual sex partners but this guy was different from the rest. I make love to this one and never the rest. He is respectful and charming and knows his word. He holds true to the vows that he said to me.