Anniversary Stories

Title: our cruise    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


For our first anniversary we decided that we would go on a cruise to the Caribbean. It was our very first cruise and we were very excited. We started off by flying all the way from Portland, Oregon to Orlando, Florida. When we arrived at the airport at nine we called our hotel to have the shuttle come and pick us up, but when we called the hotel which was supposed to have a shuttle bus to the airport we found out that it didn't. So we spent the next three hours trying to find a decently priced rental car and around midnight we finally found a car for a decent price and headed out to get it.

After we loaded all of our stuff into the car and had driven away we realized that we only had a half tank of gas. We had paid for a full tank so we drove all the way back to the airport to get a different car that had a full tank. Then we drove to the hotel. We had to pay tolls, unknown to us, as we drove to the hotel. Orlando, Florida has many tolls. The next day we went to Sea World where we spent the whole day. After leaving Sea World at ten we decided to drive to Miami which is about a four hour drive. So we left for Miami and drove all night long. We ended up getting to Miami at about seven o'clock in the morning.

Because we didn't have a hotel in Miami we decided that we would go to the port to find out information about our cruise and when we got there we discovered that my wife had to have a doctors note to get on the boat because she was twenty-four weeks pregnant. So we frantically called our doctor and she said that she wouldn't give us a doctors note. So we called the first doctor we had gone to earlier in my wife's pregnancy and she willing faxed the doctors note to the cruise line. Then we went and slept most of the day and the whole night. The next day we went to our cruise ship and while we were cruising we went to St. Thomas, St. Martin, Nasau, and watched the Olympics on a big screen tv.