Engagement Stories

Title: Sing for a Ring    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I had no money, no real home, and nothing else to offer except for my unconditional, heart-pounding-out-of-my-chest love for her and knew that that was going to be enough. When I knew the time was right to ask my (then) girlfriend to be my wife, nothing was going to get in my way.

I met Kristina shortly after the Fourth of July in 2007. We saw each other for the first time in the lobby of her church, and immediately sparks flew. I told my whole family about her after we met. I knew that she was special. We became quick best friends, hanging out every possible day that we could. She never called me though, which bothered me... only later to find out that she wanted me to do all of the pursuing. So I did right in her book by continuing my focus on her, and why wouldn't I? She had absolutely everything I could have ever wanted in a future marriage partner/ lover: a loving relationship with Jesus, stunning natural beauty, a great personality, many friends, a stand-up character, a strong singing voice (BONUS!), and a passion for living a life in a manner worthy and pleasing to God as a priority. She met all of the most important standards on my check list. So now it was just a matter of time, money, and a plan for how I was going to ask her to marry me.

I found out that her church was having a Christmas Eve midnight service. I thought to myself, "Oh! How awesome would it be to give Kristina an engagement ring as her first Christmas gift." At the time I was working part-time as an Olive Garden server, and full-time at my church as the Worship Pastor with very little income pouring in from both jobs. At least as a musician around Christmas time, I had a lot of "brushed-up" well-rehearsed seasonal songs up my sleeve. My mom would often say, "Preparation plus opportunity equals success."

And with that philosophy, I went to the local mall to set myself up a performance gig in front of the jewelry shop where I hoped to purchase the ring. When the day arrived, I had the Pastor's wife distract Kristina with a day of fun, while me and the Pastor went to the mall for some "shopping." We had to make this seem like just any other normal day. Well I set my guitar case out in front of me, put a sign around my neck that read, "Help me buy a ring for my wife-to-be, Kristina," and sang my heart out for two and a half hours. I even wrote a song to the tune of, "Here Comes Santa Clause." These were the words:
Dear King of the Ages, You are making dreams come true
I have one wish, If You listen, this song is for You
I'll ask one girl named Kristina, "Will you marry me?"
Your will if You say so, Kristina, my wife-to-be

The end result that day was I made enough money that day to pay for half of the amount for what the ring cost, making it possible for me to walk out of the store with the ring in my hands... just one week before Christmas Eve. I was so extremely happy and relieved. I just knew that this was a blessing from the hand of God through the generous hearts of the merry passerby's.

So with her parent's blessing on my hope to asking their daughter, and with all of the right words in my head, after the church service was finished, we walked out into the lobby where the crowds of people were gathered and where we first met, and I told her how happy I was that we've met and grown quickly in our relationship. I told her that I loved her for the first time, and got down on one knee...

Last weekend we just celebrated our sixth month anniversary. Now, we live in a very nice home together, the money-flow a lot better, and I still have an overwhelming amount of love for her. Not only did nothing get in our way, it seemed that everything was planned just the way it was meant to be.