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Title: What is love?    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


What is love? So many people are searching for the answer to that question. I searched for a long time. One day I realized that when you love someone, it is not about you. Love is a selfless act of giving and caring. Listening to your spouse is so important. For the first couple of years in my marriage, I did not do this. I screamed for MY voice to be heard and never took time to listen to him. I did not give him my time and understanding when he needed it. I learned that this was not going to make my marriage happier. I finally realized that his opinion mattered as much as mine did. I finally saw that being happily married meant that I had to die to myself! The Lord showed me that when we realize HIS love for us, we can love others too. I know that God showed me this in order for me to live a better example before my non-believing husband. Love is not love if it is not unconditional. Love does not see everything wrong but also sees and focuses on the right and the good. God is love and you must really know Him in order to begin to be able to love others. Love sees what a person can become and believes and hopes even when there doesn't seem to be a reason to. Just as God is so longsuffering with us, we have to realize that He "puts up with us" and bears with us.

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A reader says ... Very good points and very thoughtful! May God use you to save your husband! And may God bless you!