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Our "Social Networking" section provides subscribers the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other like-minded Christian couples.

Some subscribers have indicated they cannot freely express their views about sexual issues with their church friends without the risk of being condemned. And yet subscribers need fellowship with other like-minded Christian couples.

In this section Christian couples can post invitations to meet other Christian couples who subscribe to this web site.

In the invitation, we recommend you not include your name or contact information, except your email address. Why? Because unfortunately there may be those at your church who might try and condemn you if they found out you subscribed to this web site. And of course there also could be predators who have subscribed to this site with bad intentions.

So we recommend you tell us about yourselves in general terms; like how old you are, what city you live in, do you have children, and why you are looking to meet other couples and what type of couples you would like to meet.

And we recommend you include your email address in your invitation so others may contact you. You might set up a special email address that does not include your name, just for the purpose of receiving emails from your invitation.

Why would you want to post an invitation to meet other couples? Maybe you want to try and find other couples with whom you can freely discuss your views without being condemned. What type of views? Well, maybe views about using erotic materials in your marriage, or views about liking to get spanked, or views about limited sexual interaction between couples, or political views, or views about theological issues.

In that case express your views, so your invitation will attract like-minded couples who accept your ideas. We will try and not let other subscribers post condemning comments about your views. As long as your views fall within the writing guidelines of our real stories, we will allow your invitation.

Or maybe you have the gift of hospitality and want to open your home on certain dates to other subscribers who might be traveling or who might make a special trip to meet and visit with you. Years ago we signed up in a similar "hospitality directory" with what was then called the "Christian Brotherhood" (which was an organization that shared medical bills), and one Christmas, we received a call from a family of 11 who wanted to stay with us and they ended up staying with us and we developed a life long friendship with this wonderful family. Since then we have traveled to visit them too.

Or maybe you would like to take a vacation with another couple, but first want to get to know them by email and phone.

Or maybe you plan to go on a missions trip or work a week for Habitat For Humanity and you want to invite another couple to go along with you.

There is nothing quite like the fellowship of like-minded Christian friends. Being a subscriber to this web site alienates us as Christians to some extent because so many Christians are quick to judge married couples who use erotic materials to help their marriage or who do not consider sexual arousal or even nudity sinful. And so through this section we hope Christian couples can find like-minded Christian friends to fellowship with.

Let's always remember our goal as Christians is to glorify God through our love for God and others and through the good works we are called to do. So lets do some good works and lets help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lets consider everything we have as God's and use our time and money sparingly with the priority of first serving God and our family and leave till last our self entertainment and recreation. How about using 90 percent of our time and money for God, family and good works and 10 percent of our time and money for recreation? (Maybe I should have put this thought in an invitation to find like-minded Christians friends ... :) )

All postings in this section that include an email address will only be visible by active subscribers. As an additional precaution, to post in this section you need to be an active subscriber.

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A reader says ... How do we join this and has anyone else joined since this was posted.

Editor: Until we develop a real Christian social networking site, the way it works here is you just submit a writing with the writing type "Fellowship & Hospitality". We call this an "Invitation" for friendship writing. In the writing you can include your email address in the invitation then other couples can email you. In the invitation you can describe the city you live in and your spiritual views or describe yourselves and what types of other couples you are wanting to meet. If you want to organize a MarriageRomance.com meet-up group in your city you can post that invitation here also.

Not too many couples have used this section so far.

A reader says ... I hope more join for I am the only member right now