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Title: lights at night    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Get a white or preferably black mosquito net large enough to hang loosely over your bed. Get glow in the dark starts of all different sizes, tie some to the bedroom ceiling, using all different sizes so some look closer and some look further, and then stick some all over the net, using different sizes, to get the same effect as above. Place rose on pillow with sprinkled petals over bed and floor leading to doorway, so it's romantic from the first step in.

Put candles around room, careful not to be too near anything flammable, different size candles would make more of an effect. Try using scented candles also, try find something sensual and seductive as this will enhance the mood and the atmosphere. If you prefer, use plain candles, and get some scented aromatherapy oils. Turn light off before your lover walks into the room. You can start with a nice dinner before heading to the room, put rose petals around the house, lounge, dining room etc and candles everywhere. A back massage with aromatherapy oils would enhance the mood before heading to the bedroom too.