Unconditional Love Stories

Title: how could she lie    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Three years ago my wife brought my little girl in to this world. My wife has two boys already, ages four and six by the same guy. And I thought I could never have kids and then my little girl came. As time went on I started to see she was not mixed and at his point I already fell in love with my baby and once I started asking my wife whats going on and then she tells me. That the child I gave my name to and love so dearly is by the father of her two boys. That killed me. But we still got married and we are very much a happy family to this day. But I cant help but hurt because my wife now has her tubes tied and now all my hopes for a blood child are gone.

Editor: Well your story is a sad story and yet a happy story because it shows the power of love and the power of forgiveness. It's sad that your wife cheated but it is wonderful that you forgave her and accept the little girl and the boys. Hopefully she won't have anything to do with that other guy. I pray God will bless your marriage and help you forget about that other guy. God can help you love them and love your wife.