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Title: A marriage built on the outrageous grace of GOD    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


A marriage built on the grace of God will never fail. As two walk in the grace of God there will always be mutual understanding of issues that arise in a marriage.

NO one gets married to a perfect partner.We are all different.Men are totally different from women.

But it is only the grace of God that will keep two different people. The Holy spirit will always guide you if you let Him to do so.

When arguments arise...which are in most cases engineered by the devil the Holy spirit will raise a standard against the enemy that breaks marriages.

My husband and I decided to build our marriage on the Grace of GOD that oversees any short comigs or mistakes.

When an issue arises we give it to GOD and immediately forgive one another without pointing fingers at one another.

In such cases of arguments there has to be equal understanding and respect for one another's views and even then the necessity to be in a state of prayer for one another's weaknesses is not to be neglected.

We all have weaknesses that emerge in a marriage relationship.Take everything to GOD in prayer and the unmerited favour of GOD shall rise upon your marriage and it shall flourish.

GOD's grace superceeds every weakness in a marriage relationship.Know that there is no formula on working out a marriage.No formula at all.

Once you start putting up laws or formulas the marriage will fail.You cannot leave your marriage under the laws of Moses or else you will always feel condemned and guilty because of law bondage. Get your marriage built on Grace/the New order.You have to accept the price that was paid on the cros twothousands years ago.

It was finished and done by GOD.That same reconciliation that Jesus Christ gave you on the cross should be intergrated into your marriage.We have to learn to reconcile with our partners.

The love of Christ should constrain you that you should learn to extend it in full measure to one another in a marriage life.

'Grace' forgives and forgets all.As GOD forgave all our sins through the Cross so should we be at all times willing to forgive one another when mishaps or hiccups rise up in a marriage relationship.

Stand on the grace of GOD.Extend GOD's grace to one another and do away with finger pointing.

Grace ...Grace unto you all that are married.God united you into one, so He will never leave you not forsake you.Do not divorse.Walk in the Spirit and embrace HIS grace in full for one another in a marriage relationship.

God Bless you all who are married and those who are not yet married GOD is, in HIS outrageous grace preparing you to meet your godly spouses.He has a grand plan for each one of you out there.

What a GOD we serve.

Woman of God:Ruth Herlan.

Comment by: Vistor   Date: 8/14/2016 8:21:17 AM