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Title: just the two of us    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


The most romantic date I have found myself in my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend was in the first couple weeks of dating. We had waited to date for what felt like an exhausting amount of time. In our waiting season, we wrote journal entries, and letters to one another (not knowing the other had done the same thing). One night we went to an open field, with big trees that had branches hung down low. The night had gone well so far, but we were about to embark on another adventure. We both got our journals and letters, and went to sit under one of the trees late at night while no one was around. We began to read one another the pressing desires that had been burning in our hearts for the whole season we waited. We could be free to share our love aloud, for only the other to hear. We brought along a nice blanket to keep warm, as well as a flashlight to hang from a branch above so we could read. There was something so romantic about hearing his voice, and his words written on paper of his dying love for me, while I was privileged enough to be snuggled up in his arms! After we read one another the letters, we exchanged the letters we had written to one another in the waiting season. I still look at those letters occasionally as the simplest reminder of how much he really loved me even before we dated!