We Waited Stories

Title: we barely waited    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


We were virgins on our wedding day. Susan and I decided to move in together a week early with the blessing of our parents. We lived in different States, Susan and I moved in with each other a week early. The first night we decided to sleep in different rooms and we too tired from moving her stuff and driving all day to jump the gun any way.

The next morning she looked so sexy in her pajamas as she fixed me breakfast, I wanted to jump the gun, needed to work at the office so we didn't have time to even bother trying anything yet. That evening she dressed modest; it really helped me to control myself as we weren't as tired that night.

Tuesday I accidentally saw her as Susan was partially dressed, it immediately caused me an erection that she noticed and told me three more days and I will do something about your huge lump in your pants. That night was a very erotic wet dream about Susan that I didn't tell her about it until after the wedding for few days. Susan thanked me for not trying anything early sexually.

Wednesday nothing happens and was an easy night for self control.

Thursday was very hard; she and I both saw each completely undress for the first time by accident. She didn't even try to cover herself up as she felt completely safe knowing that I have some control even so I was nude with an hard on, in front of her we still slept in different rooms that night.

Friday was the rehearsal dinner and she went to stay with her bridesmaids at the local inn for our final night before our wedding. I wonder how we made it as virgins to our wedding bed.
Saturday night we were finally married and still virgins - this night we lost all control as she began by sexually seducing me before I made an advance on her. It was clear that she wanted me to take her virginity away as we kissed and hugged and our hands freely explored each other bodies for the first time.

We decided that this wasn't the best thing to do but was very glad that we waited until after the wedding.

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:49:46 PM

A reader says ... I agree it wasn't the best thing to do. As someone once said, it's not sinful to walk along the edge of a cliff but it's very dangerous. I'm not at all sure my husband and I could have controlled ourselves like that. It was seperate houses for us till our wedding night!