Wedding Night Stories

Title: Secret Wedding    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My husband and I were married 4 months after meeting each other. We had a secret wedding that no one knew about for a year and a half. We did not have a huge wedding but instead a very private and secretive marriage. It was nice and very intimate just having this secret marriage between us two made it all the better. We finally told our family and friends about 4 months ago that we are married.

Everyone was very shocked but they were happy for us. We are going on two years of marriage and it has been great. I think they way we choose to get married worked great for us. I think it eliminated a lot of frustrations and drama for us as newlyweds. We will eventually have a big wedding to have both of our families meet. It was fun and exciting to have that little secret between us but we eventually let the cat out the bag.