We Waited Stories

Title: a soldiers love    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Dearly beloved,
I often find it hard to be a soldiers love. Ever since you left so long ago to the far away Afghanistan i have not been able to think clearly. i miss you so much it hurts and all i can do is wait, wait for a phone call from you just to let me know that you are ok. Thats the hardest part not knowing. I wait for you to come back home, i am waiting for the hug and kiss i surely do miss. I look down at the ring on my left hand and I silently wonder if i will ever wear the wedding band. I know i should not think negative thoughts but right now it seems to be all Ive got. As day by day passes i pray to know but it has been quite some time since i have last heard your voice and i grow weary. All my friends can tell that i am living in internal hell. Fighting to hold on to hope but i know it is there and all i need to do is trust the Lord to bring you back safely to me. i love you my strong soldier i miss you and i will see you soon. Stay safe for me my love.